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David Wilcock : Benjamin Fulford and Udo Pelkowski on Steve Beckow blog The gold moves in the Philippines


reserve comments until read article


Can any one comment on this short clip about music manipulation over the years?? Have a look at the list of stars involved??


All comments are welcome on this

I know nothing about this


Benjamin Fulford: David Wilcock: Sean David Morton: Latest here 31st December 2011


make sure you press on audio when you get the link on your new tab

I have no comments at the moment I will not see this until later today or tomorrow

So please leave any comments or email me if important


Dreadful news from the BVI: Sara Ward watches as Boyfriend and captain pf the boat dies underwater in BVI dive attempt to recover lost items


Sara So sorry

Your father sent me the report of the desaster

please contact me if you need any assistance


please tell me that your brother is with you now?


Humour : Happy New Year from Blackadder Perfect timing for your new years gift

Unrivaled Best of British HUMOUR



Blackadder Probably better than Faulty Towers

Documentary : David Wilcock 2012 Enigma all 4 parts 50 minutes each in 4 manageable parts


2012 Event Horizon Part 1 Prophecies and Science of a New Golden Age

and Part 2

2012 Event Horizon Part 2 Prophecies and Science of a New Golden Age http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zAMdYC80sE&feature=relmfu

And part 3

2012 Event Horizon Part 3 Prophecies and Science of a New Golden Age http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STqkZR2PSR4&feature=relmfu

Part 4 over the page on left

by David Wilcock

Documentary:The Real Story Behind Aliens Ufos Demons Illuminati &; Satanism


2 hours of real scary stuff

Well it would be if we were not so aware of all this going on

It is time to get our countries back from these thieving robbing thugs that dictate  us

Documentary : Graham Hancock looking into truth of Secret discoveries Time pieces and an openminded look at ancient buildings


Fabulous Documentary with a new look at the real truth behind ancient intelligence

Solar Storm could blast out power and communications for 3 days


this small but informative article with some good shots

Just a cautious warning should it occur

But I doubt it

Ghandi’s words coupled with David Ickes words in this 10 minute clip and some gruesome cop vids of torture in the streets


Difficult to watch some of this police brutality

But fear not David Icke comes to the rescue


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