MIP Peru.

A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

Peter Reynolds Happy Birthday: here is your present the 10 most evil pictures of Pope Benedict’s evil face:for you :


Cut and paste to new tab please to keep my page and make a comment or comments please

Peter happy birthday to you All the very best To you

i hope You like the Pope on your Birthday i know you are his worst fan

What an evil man

If you like I can send you a transcript of Alfre L Webre finding him Guilty of genocide witth Children in now 4 countries plus Holland

Just how many has he really killed over all these years?


I hope we see his cock on the block soon

Love and Peace


PS have a happy Birthday



Vera Wouters Here is your xmas present, David Wilcock Film/Documentarys


HAARP with Alfred Lebremont Webre: Concisely Explained Weather Weapon of ultimate destruction

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