For those who need more on this subject please see this organization I have followed for 5 years now many good documentary’s on their site

3 minutes is all lthat is necessary in my view to put this to bed.

I shall not be posting Loose change or Zeigheist or any of those  40 other 911 movies as they are too old hat

We need to move forward and stay focused now on new stuff

For me 911 is like oklahoma or 7/7 or pearl harbor BP oil Spill ,, blatantly obvious who did it and how many more this next year do we have to endure of these obvious false flag routines?

Any of you wishing for 7/7 videos I can post 3 good ones if requested showing all the black cars guiding the buses and the guys who where on the bus at the time of explosion but  the police  did not include their eye witness reports as they saw all the detour work going on by the MI5

Just ask for them please