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Can any one comment on this short clip about music manipulation over the years?? Have a look at the list of stars involved??


All comments are welcome on this

I know nothing about this



Benjamin Fulford: David Wilcock: Sean David Morton: Latest here 31st December 2011


David Wilcock : Benjamin Fulford and Udo Pelkowski on Steve Beckow blog The gold moves in the Philippines


  1. martin

    I have no clue how Hz work, but does make sense to me..
    I do believe the music is dumbing down people. I used to have it when i rode my bike, that i’d have a song in my head,, kept repeating it,, couldn’t get it out. Annoying sometimes.. After I stopped listening radio and mtv. I can’t remember having this problem anymore..
    Place i worked had the radio on all day,, in 6 hours you’d hear the same damn song 3 times, you’d switch channels,, but all radios play the same top 40 music or the same list of songs in there genre.. Day after week after week till the next lot of pop crap comes along. I’d find a good radio channel, but after a while I’d realize its like a big cd their playing. So much music in the world, but always the same stuff in the meanstream
    Some songs are nice and killed by playing to much and others are nice after hearing it 10 times,, You at lease know how to dance to it.. Same reason sheeple go more loose in clubs and concerts on a popular song.
    I do believe that this music can get in your head and you end up only singing these songs from witch a lot is always the same bs,, Money bling bling and women. It makes you stop thinking about the real bs that is happening around you.. Now i see people wired in all day with head phones on.. Zoomed into a smartphone or listening music
    Some listen good stuff. I heard a man the other day listening piano or something classic i think..Was a first, mostly its pounding or a song you hear in the clubs, radio..

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