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Liverpool Riots : Mail Uk Article I was there, I can confirm they asked me to empty a hospital of people and the next day was blown up


Long article

I notice that all the riots in liverpool in all the areas now have a ring road through the city

Was this government staged so as not to pay forced closures and house purchases?

I remember cleaning out a hospital in Toxteth I remember seeing a 2 mile long line of ambulances to remove all the patients

The very next day i was asked to go back and salvage what i could

The 6 storey Building was grounded Blown up by bombs AND NOT PETROL BOMBS

Any comments???



Music : Morton hacket that great voice of AHA delivers Ocean of Love


can anyone help I am trying to find the David Icke version of this

it has been removed from Youtube

he has great insoirational words at beginning and end of this great music


Music : Muse : The Uprising played over in the Spanish revolution last year : Superb rabble rouser


gets my vote

terrific Stuff Muse

Mayan calender connection with Crop circles : this 15 minute video shows them being formed on camera and more


Any one wishing for more on cropcircles go to Nassim Haramein or David Wilcock in the documentary section tab left

911: A&E911for truth the 3 minute video is the maximum amount of time Spent on this subject, as it is so insulting to the average person in the street


For those who need more on this subject please see this organization I have followed for 5 years now many good documentary’s on their site

3 minutes is all lthat is necessary in my view to put this to bed.

I shall not be posting Loose change or Zeigheist or any of those  40 other 911 movies as they are too old hat

We need to move forward and stay focused now on new stuff

For me 911 is like oklahoma or 7/7 or pearl harbor BP oil Spill ,, blatantly obvious who did it and how many more this next year do we have to endure of these obvious false flag routines?

Any of you wishing for 7/7 videos I can post 3 good ones if requested showing all the black cars guiding the buses and the guys who where on the bus at the time of explosion but  the police  did not include their eye witness reports as they saw all the detour work going on by the MI5

Just ask for them please


Benjamin Fulford : When prompted by a German guy Felix on his typepad Says Argentina looked after Hitler

Hitlers surviving Copied from benjamin Fulfords Blog

Hello Ben,

can you talk about the survival of Hitler in Argentinia?

It’s a missing link to nazis in the US.

The USA knew all since 1945 and protected Hitler.

Leo can’t talk about it, because the P2 protects this secret.

The world must know.

Felix, Germany.


There is a lot of evidence that Hitler survived. The story put out by Russia is that he left Norway in a submarine and ended up in Argentina. He lived there until he was 90. The other thing that Germans need to know is that the plot to kill Hitler was fake. It was designed so that the 5000 or so officers who were “executed,” as part of this plot could be given new identities by Odessa after the war without being sought after.
The other thing that Germans need to know is that Hitler was the son of King George V of England and that Angela Merkel is his daughter. My sources for this information are many and varied and include the daughter of King Edward VII

Any one know anything about this? please comment or send links As I have not heard anything about this before ,,thanks Dave

Humor : how to fail a breathalyzer test : Thanks Simon for this, people can be funny, so we are of the light so lighten up with this


30 second clip from Simon thanks

good rib tickler

Short Film on Cancer research and cannabis maijuana effects on cancer : none found to be cancerous infact they find it act as a cure for cancer


Any comments?

5 minute argument to legalize Marijuana by an ex judge ,,,looked every where for something wrong, and did not find anything


ok tell me what you think

Iknow one thing for sure that the judge may get shot

They make millions of corporate money arresting and enslaving marijuana users and slamming them into corporate jails for profit

remember every jail is privately owned

So they love inmates

money money money


Alfred L Webre Interview with George Kavassilas on our move in to 4th and 5th dimensional shifts


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