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Haiti : Follow the money $2Billion and it never got there, in the Activist post : this is proof of what the UN really is

I personally have watched this for near 2 years now when i first suspected that this was a HAARP quake and i heard that the Rockerfellers where moving the gold here

This demonstrates the most corrupt system that Bill Clinton and the Carlylse group and the Bush Family instigated war on Haiti was a Corporate farce and daylight robbery

Personally this disgusts me more than any other global story

please read long lead article and “follow the money”



Documentary : Free Energy and science challenged by the great the charismatic Nassim Haramein Always full of surprises


Small Clip : faking It How the media manipulates the public to go to war on Global Reasearch

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  1. Will

    Quite right – disgusting.

    As soon as I saw pictures of Bill C smiling as he carried a few cases out of the back of a truck (shortly after he was appointed UN ambassador to Haiti), I knew there was a big plot afoot.

    Of course, he flew away after the photo-shoot and has never been back since.

    What a ninny (I don’t say cunt anymore because that’s too good for ’em).


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