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Above Top Secret Documentary : FREE ENERGY IS HERE So is Anti-gravity : 1st half of film is UFO,s cover up the 2nd half is Nikola Tesla & Total Free Energy

This is for Light Workers SXM

Practical Free Energy Team

Brett, Ian, Erjon, Anthony, Herbert, Roger, Richard, Andre

Please go to link

The first section is all about the cover up and the second half is most important and

the best I have seen to date on Free Energy




Global Research TV: Make no Mistake this short video make the case clear NATO distroyed the infrastructure of Libya


Crop Circles: probably the best Documnetary on the Subject by the cool Terje Toftenes and his Son Truls from “The day before Disclosure” movie

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  1. The search for a reliable method of producing energy from renewable resources is more urgent today than ever before. Did Nikola Tesla truly invent a “free energy device”?

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