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Alex Jones : World depopulation agenda article by obvious Illuminati Scientists : Now let us all just think for a minute, 3Million square miles sq of land in Australia: 640 acres per sq mile: Do the maths


with 2,941,299 square miles of land in Australia

with 640 acres per square mile

This equal 1.9 billion acres of land

Divide by 6+billion people gives 0.33 acres for every person on this planet in Australia alone

Do the research and do the maths

Depopulation is Utter Utter Nonsense

Just like Al Gore’s Global Warming Scam

Any comments?



David Wilcock : Section 5 : This covers how the offshore system PPP scheme rips us off and how the military is turning the screws ; mass arrests ongoing


DutchSinse : One year of HAARP rings : Why so many hit direct on cities now which is new man-made phenomena and more new stuff on how to understand weather modification

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  1. Brett

    Over Population is a term we have been using ourselves, its an illuminaty and eugenics term. With the release of the supposed suppressed technology, this term becomes obsolete. Lets bring out the tech and start living in more harmony with nature and man. Theres room for us all.

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