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Month: January 2012 (Page 2 of 10)

New Movie Trailer : SUPERPOWER : out soon : Michel Chossudovsky and Global Research TV’s 2 minute trailer of what is to come


Coming real soon


The movie will be posted on here them moment it is available

Finian Cunningham : no nonsense article on US Industrial war machine: Tantamount to Urinating on US public opinion


Plain and simple modern day policies that are highlighted every day as atrocities

Which is about to be brought down

More up to date articles by Finian and Co at Global Research



Crop Circles: probably the best Documnetary on the Subject by the cool Terje Toftenes and his Son Truls from “The day before Disclosure” movie


The HD graphics on this film are some of the best I have ever seen


Above Top Secret Documentary : FREE ENERGY IS HERE So is Anti-gravity : 1st half of film is UFO,s cover up the 2nd half is Nikola Tesla & Total Free Energy

This is for Light Workers SXM

Practical Free Energy Team

Brett, Ian, Erjon, Anthony, Herbert, Roger, Richard, Andre

Please go to link

The first section is all about the cover up and the second half is most important and

the best I have seen to date on Free Energy



Global Research TV: Make no Mistake this short video make the case clear NATO distroyed the infrastructure of Libya


Clear proof that The BBC & CNN avoided real scenes as the press where filmed ignoring the real damage

Henry Mackow thinks the same as us :Cruise Ship Disaster – Metaphor & Portent?

Cruise Ship Disaster – Metaphor & Portent?.

Nassim Haramein : This Documentary was a fore runner for How THRIVE the movie, was made and the science Nassim created on the film

As usual Nassim Haramein demonstrating that he is now way above Stephen Hawking and Even Albert Einstein is this brilliant Documentary

Enjoy Nassim Haramein in clear HD


Bosnian Pyramids : Virtually everything we are taught in Ancient Civilizations Cosmos and Science and History is totally misguided

This should be mainstream media every day instead of Alaska cops and extreme sports

This article says it all



DutchSinse : exposes CME Large Solar Mas ejection which will interact with earth Tomorrow: Worth knowing how to read these


Good way to start to know how to read these sites as they wil come into play more and more this year

Good work by DutchSinse

David Wilcock : latest update ; 22nd January 2012 : All the gold in the Philippines



David Wilcock read in conjunction with Benjamin Fulford’s Latest Bulliten

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