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Monsanto : Articles from Natural News: Monsanto and Bill Gates’s Frankenstein Food Booted out of UK and Europe Thanks to the Daily Mail : Not so good for the USA however


Truly  The Best News To bring a smile to all our faces

But not for USA

Here is a counter article where Obama’s New right hand illuminatist Tom Vilsack was made Head of USDA

He owns Monsanto and has forces Whole Food Market (WFM) to use Roundup as law

SO good for Europe when Monsanto gets the boot so desperate for the US Farmers when

They’re system is run by corrupt government thugs who create compensatory

desperate knee jerk responses from the backward flinching clearly now on display in the Monsanto USA Frankenstein/Chernobyl Food Corp

Please see other article




Benjamin Fulford : Radio transcript on Kauilapele blog: In words and backup of Ben’s This weeks World News Update


Zen Gardener : It is not the Question “Are Aliens real” ? More like “Do they have the ultimate earth power of enslavement and control Illuminati?

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