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Kauilapele Blog : and more Banksters going down ; resigning or arrested or sacked : very comprehensive list compiled


Check the dates it is ASTONISHING


The Galactic Federation of Light : Explanation of the Mass Arrests of Fat Cats and politicians : Clarity of Why this process must be in place soon


Stunning 45 Minute documentary with David Wilcock too : Shown on mainstream media from the History Channel Ancient Aliens In many Underground facilities discovered all over the world

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  1. Brett

    We’ve been watching and waiting for these devalopements to happen. It has been a long wait for some of us that humanity has its lightworkers everywhere and willing to halt the destructive path of the elite cabal. Proof that some of the threads we link to are telling the truth and that we are to see massive changes this year. Lets make sure it all has a positive outcome.

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