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Distilled Water : Are you told not to drink it? is it bad for you? Or is it GOOD for you : The results of my research may surprise you

3 weeks ago A fellow Light Worker asked me to look into the validity in drinking Distilled water fit for batteries

I just told him that I was forced fed information at school “never to drink it” Full-stop, never once did any teacher tell me for why I should not drink it, nor did my parents for that matter. It was a plain unwritten rule ‘Don’t drink distilled water it is for batteries only’

Well here is the results of my recent investigation

1) Distilled water is a negative charged water with all the minerals removed

2) The distilled process is by boiling the water and collecting the steam drips.

3) The fact that it is good for batteries is proof that it is good for our Organs

4) The negative charge when added to your body and the mineral free water cleans out the entire body of any lingering toxins

5) On the contrary it is good for you, not only that it cleanses your system thoroughly of toxins

6) The unfortunate thing is that it is bottled in plastic in all cases I know of

7) So the best process is to find a source that has not been in side of a plastic bottle for too long

8) The other thing is the water should be certified suitable for the Pharmaceuticle industry as it also cleans out unwanted toxins from corporate drugs too.

9) So I have found a source in Puerto Rico which is sold in the boat yards in this Island


This is the best specification of distilled water I have seen for now and it literally has no calories no iron no minerals and is charged

10) It removes fluoride out of your system which ultimately leads to a cleaner and opening of the Pineal gland

Here is an hour long article from Andrew Norton Webber

Which puts this rumour to bed


This article takes the subject further and proves the healing quality of distilled water

We should be drinking it every day

Colin in Merseyside UK once asked me and I quote” I would never believe that they would make a success out of selling plastic bottles full of spring water all over the world”.

Rain water and bottled water can be tested in any labs for a cost of a mere $30 why do you not do that?

For peace of mind

Chemtrails links to contamination of waters

I know we have small amounts of chemicals dumped on us here in the Caribbean, Marylene tested the rain water here and found Aluminium Barium and Strontium in our rain water here on this tiny little Island and we used to see sometimes 5 spraying planes overheadin any one day, much less now I am pleased to say.

If you live in the US Canada or Europe then the Chemtrails are painting crisscrosses in the sky I have many photos sent from you all

I even see the late night photos showing light orbs in the camera shots that are not visible by naked eye which is illuminated ( ILLUMINATI) aluminium

Incidentally The auld saying in London is “the same water you drink, has passed through your own body, 7 times previously each time you drink it”

So would you consider this article to be  serious enough alone to warrant your testing your tap and rain water

So my ¬†‘little brave battery hens’ I do hope to hear from your distilled water Detox experiences and the results of any water tests you conduct




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  1. Brett

    Very good information which when you listen to the inteviews make sense. Keen to hear anyones thoughts on this.

  2. Kuriko

    Distilled water absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. Prolonged drinking of distilled water can turn the body highly acidic. That’s not a good thing.

    • Incorrect ,,that is what they say ,,THEY being not into natural medicine ,,You have 24 hrs to corroborate your statement or be desolved Dave

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