For those of you who are Serious Light Workers and Ascended Masters ( who i shall send this to personally) please see this latest post updated by the Andromeda Council

When going on to the page please see the latest Black ops attempts to further deceive us

This confirms the umbillical cord that DutchSinse saw linking the Planet to the sun last week was the Galactic Fed Star ship Tacoma refueling cosmically

If you have not seen this then please request the link by mail or on here please

For those who have not yet got used to the ongoings in our solar system then I suggest you go to home page and read all pages to this link for clarity on this Andromeda Council link.

Here (  Light Workers and Star seeds see other link below)

I am seeking confirmation of this from my sources this week and expect this soon

Basically in the great scheme of things going on in our planet then If you see huge arrests occur this and next week,

We will expect visitations to begin some months following and not before, as it is all related to safety of all concerned.

Meanwhile beware of fake alien attempts, as the Cabal flex their dying muscles with fake skies as covered in the 3rd article

Please be awake,  aware and observant

We will have updates as usual on here, to keep you in the fold

The 3 updates are in blue font on 3 articles on FAQ as link below