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Plan 2012 : Another reliable source of events for this year which puts in context: all we have to look out for the signs of progress this year

Plan 2012
Phase 1: The Event  (3-7 days)
Mass arrests of the Illuminati
‑Military sweep
-1 day viral and mass media info distribution
-1 day arrests
-Up to 3 days shutdown
-5 to 6 days conviction process
Phase 2: Restructuring  (3-6 months)
New financial system backed by precious metals and commodities introduced
-Federal Reserve dismantled, US Treasury prints gold backed money
-Basket of currencies (6 or more) base of world financial system
-Worldwide debt forgiveness
-Bank debts cancelled (credit cards, loans, mortgages)
-Banks must be re-licensed, no interest (usury)
-Multinational companies split and nationalized
Redistribution of world’s wealth begins
-Prosperity funds released
-Humanitarian and environmental projects funded
Free energy technology and advanced medicines released
Government UFO involvement disclosure
International criminal court tribunal of Illuminati
Statutory laws invalidated, return to Common Law
Interim national governments and then elections
UN restructured as head of Provisional government
Disengagement of warring parties, military forces recalled permanently from active duty and restructured into peace keeping force, nuclear weaponry disarmed
Phase 3: First Contact  (1-3 months)
Contact with selected private individuals
Re-education of humanity, including our history not told: Atlantis and Lemuria
Global telecasts over TV and internet
Increasing number of spacecraft make themselves known, culminating in a massive flyover when tens of thousands of ships will take part as final proof that other civilizations are out there
Two week contemplation period
First contact: Public contact at UN – Electric surge into Earth Light body -Galactic / Cosmic synchronization / Tachyonic  alignment
After First Contact
-Interaction with Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters
-Start of technology transfers and educational programs
-Beginning of pollution cleansing and renewal of ecosystem
-Start of full consciousness training (Ascension chambers)
-Reunion with Confederation Fleet and Inner Earth


Benjamin Fulford April 3rd the weekly bulletin as promised


John Kettler : wonderful article about where we really should be in terms of modern technologies and just why we are so far behind

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  1. Marco

    Tolec says Ascension / Conversion chambers are a hoax.

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