please pluck the courage to listen to the other way of waiting for mass arrests

John Kettler says it all

This is the site the link is from:

In the interview, around minutes 49:00 to 51:00, Mr. Kettler says the following about the various predictions of “imminent mass arrests”:

“As far as arresting people, there have been some arrests, and they’ve been reported in what are considered to be credible sources. But there’s a lot of what I would characterize as wishful thinking going on out there and some of these machine intelligence, artificial intelligences that broadcast either from giantic spacecraft or mind control operations run out of the CIA are painting a picture which basically says “all this great stuff is happening, you don’t have to lift a finger”, which is the exact opposite of the truth. The truth is everybody can and should be doing something to help the process, you know, everybody can contribute something, everybody’s got a certain talent or ability or contact or something. So a lot of these reports of imminent arrests make me want to gag, quite frankly, because they’re creating a false hope, and I think that’s their real purpose¬†[INTERVIEWER; Yes, a sense of apathy, I agree.]¬†Yeah, yeah. “Oh well, you know, it’s all being taken care of, you know, you don’t have to get off your butt and do something.”