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Mass Arrests : David Wilcock : 12 liens for the Federal Reserve YES YES Yes at last Plus a cease and desist order on their acivities


All our long wait is over


please beleive me

I have much more news coming in this weekend

please stay focused on the plan

The plan is simple

Mass Arrests of the Cabal and we want nothing less


Paul Adams of Activist post : 2012 Indication that suggest the downfall of the New (Old) World Order : terrific advice and awareness here on all matters


594 Bankster defections and Resignations : Here is the completed updated list on American Kabuki : All the giant too big too fail banks being clobbered by “us the people”

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  1. Please give this some press if you think the frequency test results have some impact on the world ,,amazing results posted on my site
    We need to take frequency testing to a new level in university and not some ones home for instance
    Please make any comments or ask any questions about it all
    And make viral if you think of it well enough

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