MIP Peru.

A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

Chemtrails: Now here we have a collection of people filing a law suit having enough great sense : To prove they are contaminated with barium and aluminium from Chemtrails


Excellent post from the Ashtar Command crew site

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This is how we do them over


Committee of 300 On Henry Mackow with John Chapman And an article to verify who we should be pointing the finger at


Major Concerns: All comments Welcome : David Icke and Alex Jones, Zen Gardener , John Kettler : Do not cover them main story of the day: who is manipulating them?

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  1. Please give this some press if you think the frequency test results have some impact on the world ,,amazing results posted on my site
    We need to take frequency testing to a new level in university and not some ones home for instance
    Please make any comments or ask any questions about it all
    And make viral if you think of it well enough

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