Dear all Light Workers

I am growing in concern about what we hear in the alternative media

My concerns are that Jeff Rense, David Icke and Alex jones appear to be more focused on fear porn than previous broadcasts

It appears there is a reversal of content on their relative sites

as seen here in this post

Just today  Zen Gardener and John Kettler appear to have changed tune on David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford and Drake

as seen here in these posts

and here with John Kettler

Incidentally his site is down so I could only get this on IN5D

It is clear that neither John kettler nor Zen Gardener ( revered by me)

do not mention The liens  or delve into Drake  but they do mention him as if he were carpet and embroidery only

Which raises my suspicions

nor appear to be focused on what is real now????

This was seen by me as a reversal of fortune in disclosure and out of character from the norm

Please could any one of you look into this and report back to me

This is most concerning and out of character that these people reverse swing in their tactics

This basically means that the illuminati have more & more power and that the Galactic Federation have very little control over new issues and We the people are more sheeple in the rise against the depopulation program and Eugenics routine against us

Should this be proven correct diagnosis of current events then

This means the liens on the Federal Reserve are worthless too ,  that David Wilcock speaks of

Add to that Benjamin Fulford speaks of change that can only mean he is back on his own in this cruel world

We have said all along this site is not doom and gloom

But something is not ringing true just now

Any comments welcome