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Zen Haven : So why did Russia Ban microwave ovens All those years ago ; Go on tell me You think they are ok?


Maybe you will think twice about waiting for that ping


Michael Tellinger : Producer of Adams Calender : Sues the banks of South Africa and the Minister of Finance : Funny old world isn’t it?


John Kettler Investigates ; Gives the NWo pretty much no chance ED’s Et’s closed all doors blocked all DUMB’s Underground runaway bases and Plans for Bahamian Island runaway all lost causes


  1. thomas

    its about deuterium. heating water molecules vaporises protium in greater probability. in microwave oven the hating takes place at all volume. light water is extremally healthy.

    • Your comments are welcome but above my scientific level Pleas feel free to make more contributory messages or even an article wheich i can table on front page if we find of value to our cause ,, many Thanks Thomas Namaste Dave

  2. Delinda Creagh

    I always use microwave ovens at home because they are very very convenient.;

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