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Portal 2012 Announcement : World Liberation Day : details Make Viral please

It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of full moon this May. Millions of us will gather and visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the central bankers so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.
There is a plan, conceived by positive people in the military, supported by civil authority, to arrest the members of the banking Cabal for their crimes against humanity. Our visualization will support this plan, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We will support brave heroes that will carry out this plan. Something like this has never happened on this planet before. This is our chance to be a part of it!
Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will activate the plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our visualization on that day is our declaration of freedom and independence. Make this viral! Share it worldwide!
We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of full moon, which comes this May 5th /6th. Exact times for different time zones are:
8:30 pm PDT May 5th (Los Angeles)
9:30 pm MDT May 5th (Denver)
10:30 pm CDT May 5th (Houston)
11.30 pm EDT May 5th (New York)
4:30 am BST  May 6th (London)
5:30 am CEST May  6th (Paris)
11:30 am CST May 6th (Beijing)
12:30 pm JST May 6th (Tokyo)
1:30 pm AEST May 6th (Sydney)
1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.
2. Visualize civil authority arresting central banking criminals such as Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, etc.  Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly .Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.
3. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression.
Disclaimer: the date of this visualization (May 5th) is most likely NOT the date when these mass arrests will be taking place.
More information about the mass arrests:
Updates about the World Liberation Day:

Benjamin Fulford post now in 22nd April : Hold on to your seats

Major confrontations in South China Sea as desperate cabal tries to steal Asian gold deposits
by Benjamin Fulford, April 23, 2012

Reports from Philippino tribes-people and the White Dragon Society members indicate a major military stand-off is taking place in the South China Sea and the Philippines over control of historical gold deposits in the region. A fleet of 8 US war-ships is being confronted by a joint Chinese/Russian fleet in the region. The Chinese have publicly announced they are willing to go to war over this dispute. The US warships are linked to a mysterious Hong Kong based individual by the name of “Rosenberg” (first name not known), the CIA sources say. Rosenberg is believed to be seeking physical gold to seize on behalf of the Nazi/Sabbatean cabalist owners of the Federal Reserve Board, these sources say. In the Chinese government and Western corporate propaganda news this dispute is described as being a Chinese Philippine dispute over an area, blocked out on Google Earth, known as the Scarborough Shoal by the West and the Huangyan Islands by China.

This dispute is linked to the failed IMF and World Bank meetings that took place in Washington D.C. last week. It is also linked to an ongoing power struggle between the three factions in China, multiple sources say.

The US, or should we say, Nazi (national socialist Zionist) forces have been systematically searching bunkers and caves in the Philippines even as they look for sunken gold ships around the Huangyan Islands and in other areas, the sources say.

This is what an ASEAN White Dragon Society ally had to say to Neil Keenan on the subject:

Hello Neil. In PALAWAN, those that are LOCALs are now terrified, letters have gone to us all last week…Re – so CALLED “wardens” ( accredited officers _ who are US army “scouts” going round to do a census on all local residents and buildings, saying it’s for our own protection…this has never happened before, they are with sophisticated equipment…loading huge cargo like hanger CONTAINERs, all of army material !!!!!! they already have taken on 6 islands and are now off to JOLO ( SULU islands) due to IMF and Rebel tribe bandits.

There is definitely a WAR going to happen but what we are told is the ARMIES in / on the islands are for FUEL bases, ???? some of these ships are with FUEL/ something going on Neil it is same in Indonesia.

These reports come as Chinese and Russian fleets converge on the area for exercises that coincided with US announcements of joint Philippine/US maneuver in the same region.
Here is a US government propaganda report:


Here is what the Chinese foreign minister had to say on the subject during an April 16th press conference:

Q: The Philippine Foreign Ministry reportedly said that a Philippine ship conducting archaeological studies in waters off the Huangyan Island was harassed by the Chinese side. How do you respond to that?

A: Currently the situation over the Huangyan Island has been eased thanks to the efforts made, and China and the Philippines are making further communication through diplomatic channels. According to relevant international conventions and Chinese laws, no organization or individual shall conduct such activities without the permission of the Chinese Government. China demands this archaeological ship to leave the waters off the Huangyan Island immediately.

The “archaeological ship,” has so far failed to locate the gold deposits it arrived to search for, CIA sources say. In any case, this battle by the cabalists to steal gold is actually a sign of desperation after their failure, despite multiple attempts, to gain legal rights to the 85% of humanity’s gold held by Asians. This gold grab is seen by many as last minute looting by cabal members hoping they will still be able to control the world with gold even as their fiat financial rule collapses. That is not going to happen.

This brings us to last week’s IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington. The Western propaganda media reports a “victory” by the IMF because it was able to get $430 billion worth of funding for Europe. Japan’s slave government, for example, handed over $60 billion in cabal money originally earmarked for post-tsunami reconstruction.

However, a look at the fine print reveals the BRICs nations have made their funding conditional on reform of IMF voting rights. As Brazil’s Finance Minister pointed out, at present the UK, which has a smaller economy than Brazil, has twice the IMF voting rights as Brazil.

The European nations are willing to increase BRICs voting shares in the IMF but the US is blocking it because it would then have to give up control of the World Bank. Certainly the European bond markets were not fooled by the announcements coming out of this meeting because Spanish bond yields actually rose after it.

In any case, both the IMF and the World Bank are increasingly irrelevant.

Think about it for a minute, the IMF, the so-called lender of last resort in the post war era, the group that once “bailed out” Russia, is running around with a begging bowl make it obvious to all this institution is no longer at the top of the international financial food chain.

The World Bank, for its part, lent out only $42 billion in new money in 2011, compared to a world GDP of roughly $75 trillion. They are a puny organization.

By contrast, the White Dragon Society is proposing the creation of a Long Term Infrastructure for Everybody (LIFE) planning agency with initial funding of $800 trillion. Of course at this level, numbers are meaningless.

The current rules allow the Japanese to leverage their $8 trillion in hard foreign exchange assets 100 times, meaning 800 trillion dollars or over $100,000 each for every man woman and child on earth (as a Japanese reader pointed out, I miscalculated in previous reports by saying that was available on 10 times leverage).

Even if you take the more conservative Basel 3 rules with over 10 times leverage, Japan can still legally make $10,000 available for every human, still plenty enough to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

If this money is delivered in the form of things that really exist, such as roads, schools, nature preserves, consumer products etc., then there is no limit to how much new money is created other than reality.

Needless to say China, ASEAN, Brazil, Russia etc. can all make similar moves in harmony and parallel with Japanese efforts.

The cabalists, for their part, have been making a desperate push to ensure their survival. They have blocked all efforts to create new organizations such as LIFE within the existing US dollar and Euro based systems even as they refuse fundamental reform of their organizations such as the BIS, the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, the “World Court,” etc.

They also made a big push in China to convince leaders like Hu Jintao the White Dragon Society is a neo-colonialist organization controlled by the Rothschild family. The WDS has no Rothschild family members in its ranks and does not receive a penny from the Rothschilds or other cabal families like the Rockefellers and Bushes. It is dedicated to ending their terrorist misrule of the planet.

Dutch Sinse : Explains Scalar Squares HAARP Rings and Saw tooth signatures from todays weather in US


Good education for those who need to know more about Weather manipulation

Spain is next : Oh wait sorry Holland is next to go down the pan Government cannot agree on Austerity plans in the Hague: Spain on brink too

Very interesting developments

Here is the latest in both Holland and Spain


What next ?

The collapse of The Dutch Antilles here ?

Who is keeping Marijuana Illegal ? 1) Police Unions 2) Private Prison Corporations 3) Beer and Alcohol Companies 4) Pharmaceutical Companies 5) Prison Guard Unions


These corporations are spending Billions on keeping marijuana illegal

Plus it has proven cancer curing attributes

611 Bankster resignations : American Kabuki Report is updated for Middle April


Steve Beckow : Lightworkers Put on a pedestal, Don’t accept it : Wise words from Our trusted Lightworker Part 2 :This resonates with me

Pedestals and Other Perils of Lightwork – Part 2/2

2012 APRIL 22
Posted by Steve Beckow

Pedestals are for dead people and statues

(Continued from Part 1/2)

Thank you if you’ve stayed with me this long. I’m writing on this topic to find the source of my own exhaustion at this time and to point to some perils that “success” in lightwork can bring.

Managing the criticism that lightwork can attract is found at one pole of the perils associated with service. At the other end is dealing with being put on a pedestal.

If anyone is putting me or other lightworkers on a pedestal, I would request that you please stop. We put people on pedestals for various reasons, almost all relating to our own wants and needs.

Some interviewers put their guests on pedestals to establish themselves as having quality guests or “experts” on their show, to promote their own offerings, and so on. Lightworkers do so for many reasons, perhaps innocuous, perhaps not.

But the impact on the lightworker so captured and constrained can be painful for a variety of reasons and does no one in the end much good.

It demeans the person raising the other up. It promotes codependency and dysfunctionality. It erects a barrier between the one being raised and the one doing the raising. It deprives the one being raised of choice, freedom, growth, and contact. The negative impacts of pedestalling seem to go on and on. “Don’t fence me in” surely applies here.

If as a lightworker you’re being invited to mount a pedestal, I’d recommend that you be wary of accepting.

Climbing onto a pedestal is a trap, a form of confinement. More times than not, adulation carries a price in deference. It corrodes one’s better sense of one’s self and leaves one open to arrogance, conceit and all manner of difficult psychological conditions.

It makes people afraid of the one raised up. It skews behavior and relationships. It’s altogether unwise and not something fated to last into our future.

I’m not an enlightened person. And really, as far as I can see, only people of enlightenment – and an advanced state of enlightenment at that – can serve as spiritual teachers or mentors. When I’ve turned down requests that I somehow mentor another, which I’m not suited to do, I’ve excited disappointment, resentment, and reprisal.

Read More here


Major Concerns: All comments Welcome : David Icke and Alex Jones, Zen Gardener , John Kettler : Do not cover them main story of the day: who is manipulating them?

Dear all Light Workers

I am growing in concern about what we hear in the alternative media

My concerns are that Jeff Rense, David Icke and Alex jones appear to be more focused on fear porn than previous broadcasts

It appears there is a reversal of content on their relative sites

as seen here in this post


Just today  Zen Gardener and John Kettler appear to have changed tune on David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford and Drake

as seen here in these posts


and here with John Kettler

Incidentally his site is down so I could only get this on IN5D


It is clear that neither John kettler nor Zen Gardener ( revered by me)

do not mention The liens  or delve into Drake  but they do mention him as if he were carpet and embroidery only

Which raises my suspicions

nor appear to be focused on what is real now????

This was seen by me as a reversal of fortune in disclosure and out of character from the norm

Please could any one of you look into this and report back to me

This is most concerning and out of character that these people reverse swing in their tactics

This basically means that the illuminati have more & more power and that the Galactic Federation have very little control over new issues and We the people are more sheeple in the rise against the depopulation program and Eugenics routine against us

Should this be proven correct diagnosis of current events then

This means the liens on the Federal Reserve are worthless too ,  that David Wilcock speaks of

Add to that Benjamin Fulford speaks of change that can only mean he is back on his own in this cruel world

We have said all along this site is not doom and gloom

But something is not ringing true just now

Any comments welcome





Chemtrails: Now here we have a collection of people filing a law suit having enough great sense : To prove they are contaminated with barium and aluminium from Chemtrails


Excellent post from the Ashtar Command crew site

http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/ joining is recommended

please Sign up and post your entries on here

This is how we do them over

Committee of 300 On Henry Mackow with John Chapman And an article to verify who we should be pointing the finger at


Plus a link on wiki to all listed members

Know your evil

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