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Antares Star Gate Crop Circle Meaning

Received from GW Hardin May 3, 2012

Three of the six Seen-Children of the Avatar-Child have shown up.One of them is boy of about ten years of age, named Micah. He gave more information about the three files I sent you of the Antares cluster (M44), the crop circle, and the Masonic symbol of the Ribes or the Divine Child.

He said through my protege that we are correct about the Antares M44 stargate being a key factor with date of the May 20 eclipse. However, he said there are three critical dates associated with the three symbols: May 5, May 16-18, and May 20-22.

He said the May 5 date (Antares Stargate activation) will align with the global meditation that will occur, in which humanity will manifest through intent and consciousness the return of human power and dignity with the elimination of the consciousness that we have allowed to enslave us.

The May 16-18 date will connect with the Orion Stargate (near Alnilam) that has a wormhole from there to near our solar system.

The Antares Stargate connecting with Orion Stargate will be the second dynamic of a triad that will cause human destiny to be altered forever toward Divine Consciousness and the ending of human slavery by others. 

From the day of the eclipse on May 20 to May 22, the third stargate over the Indian Ocean will connect with the other two.

From the Project Looking Glass whistleblowers, we know that there are twelve natural Earth stargatesOne of those is over the Indian Ocean. 

When these three stargates (symbolized in the crop circle), complete their connection, the intent of the May 5 global event will manifest and anchor into the Earth herself on May 22. From that point on, nothing will be able to stop humanity’s Ascension Consciousness.