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A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

Kauilapele likes it So it resonates with me see if you like the Spirituality in this short message with contacts

To All Light Beings…”Stand by Your Grid Point”


Light assistance is currently needed for each and all of Gaia’s newer Higher Grid points at this time. These are the grid points which were recently aligning more precisely (reported in this post) to accommodate the Golden Age grids.

The current fluid situation upon the planet surface calls for Gaia-Hue-Person in-person conscious support for these newly aligned grid points. Each knows their role in this, and each will understand their participation.

Gaia-Ériu herself has called for this support.

Thank you for this assistance.


Frequency Machine Tester: Request to the Ashtar Command Crew : This is the smoking gun to the Cabal


Bilderberg Group Secret meetings : Here is a chart The Best ever composed and seen Just look at this chart : Bilderberg must be made public


  1. vadamur

    Have been delayed & need grid point please? thank you ♥ Kathryn Davis

  2. Kathryn please expain your request in more detail please

  3. vadamur

    This was resolved Dave. Thank you! Namaste Kath

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