Article from Chris Everard
The royal greed for gold, oil & diamonds has scarred our wonderful planet. It has taken me (my name is Chris Everard) several years of investigation to unravel a global network of ‘front’ organisations which conceal the investment portfolio and multi-trillion dollar wealth of the Royals. Gradually, as each month goes by, I am publishing my investigations, which are fully illustrated in FEED YOUR BRAIN MAGAZINE. We already have 18 full-length iBooks in our download archives which take a microscopic look at the wealth of the British Royal-Illuminati…In the 1930s, a third of British children suffered growth defects caused by malnutrition. This is the era in which queen Elizabeth II grew up – whilst beggars and child prostitutes fought hand and mouth for food and favour from the rich outside the walls of royal palaces, the young Elizabeth was being groomed to take her place as an adult princess – she had her own child-sized six-roomed thatched cottage in the garden of the Royal Lodge at Royal Windsor Great Park (situated near Windsor Castle). The London Times reported; ‘The Small House is fully furnished with running water, electric light, and a wireless.’ Architect John Nash rebuilt the Royal Lodge for King George IV and it became one of the Queen Mother’s many homes! She died there, aged 101, after a century of indulgence, fine champagne and enjoying whole-body blood transfusions at the tax payer’s expense.