MIP Peru.

A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

Frequency Testing meeting set for 5.00pm SXM ; testing for lies evil and truth and love ; please state your test preference for us to test on the day

Tests we have discussed and wish to perform
1) To find any item hidden
2) 4 glasses of water in secret
one person enters room and affects one glass of water by love vibrations and thoughts
here we will attempt to discover who that person is and which glass of water has been affected
3) politicians and royals and elite that are criminal to be tested for evil
4) newspaper articles that are lies to be tested for evil
5) Hidden life ,,a live bug
will be hidden and sought and found
6) Bones we need some old chicken bones for this test (unless anyone has any dead people buried in their garden)
7) illness and cancer cures will be discussed and we may attempt to expose sighting of an illness of some form
8) Colloidal Silver Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Copper to be tested
9) Due to the political switch from Ron Paul and Rand Paul we will attempt an exercise to see if they changed tune under
‘a gun to the head”¬†situation
10) HAARP and weather and Chemtrails will be discussed and frequency of ELF’s and VLF’s and HlF”s to be sought
Basically We are seeking if we can spot lies any where in the world and expose our evil running us on this  planet


The Ashtar Command : Merillyn Marks Reply : Who are the 2 sides? : Dark Cabal and Light Workers Ascended Masters Et Al : You all need to know this as it makes great sense


Drake ; posted by Mr Ed on Ashtar Command : We are not alone and they are assisting in Mass Arrests Date for commencement By Cobra is 21st June Today : let us all think Mass Arrests : Now for the Highlights

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