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Mike Adams : Natural News : “Divinity Now” Takes our Brains for a 40 minute spin : In this excellent Documentary about our Cosmic Consciousness in the Galactic Realm



The Vatican’s double shafting : Carabinieri & Military Police raid Gotti Tedeschi office : Also : Kevin Annett serves notice in Canada courts on Vatican and Queenie and more


Benjamin Fulford Blog in Full : The Cabal are failing at all Weather Manipulation and Mass Slaughter projects around the globe


  1. Steph

    I don’t think Hawkings is wrong under your hypothosis. He just chooses not to look at the higher realm, I see how he discloses the “god code” through your thoughts only because … we are god. First we get through this, then we can get to that.

  2. Toghra

    Saying “We are God,” only means we want to go from Kindergarten to PhD through magical thinking. There is a challenging path in between not surmountable before we see the “Higher power”, “Grand Designer”, ” The God Above” erronously translated as “The God in the Skies.”
    Stephen Hawkings has sufferred a lot for trying to prove he is the God, just to himself, a phenomenon well knwon in psychiatry emanating from extreme sense of inferiority, a botched attempt to avoid acceptance the”powerlessness of our robatic self, the one with no consciousness.Stephen Hawkings’s “Theory” indicates his unmitigated grandiosity. Mike Adams'”Hypothesis”indiactes a developed conscious.

  3. Richard Dickison

    Mike Adams’ ideas fit almost exactly with Thomas Campbell’s My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) where he explains, as a physicist, the details of how all this works. Did Mike read My Big TOE?

    This is one of the reviews on Amazon:

    WOW! So THIS is a Big TOE!

    My Big TOE – The Complete Trilogy
    This is a major piece of work. I thought relativity was a mind bender. I thought quantum mechanics was a mind bender. I thought religious science, philosophy and other big thoughts were mind benders. But nothing I’ve read so far has bent my view of reality as much as this idea. WOW! Read it slowly. Read it and test it. Read it and observe. BUT READ IT! You will not be disappointed, and if you are, read it again and set your beliefs and preconceived notions of reality aside. There is more here to think about than you may ever know in one life time on this crazy ride through the universe! Never before have I found an author more accessable or a scientific concept so personal. Science meets daily existance, as me! And You! Enjoy and Thank You Tom Campbell!

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