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CrossLinking of Square Grids over Select Regions Allows Appropriate Containment of Explosive Energies…

by ÉirePort

Square grids over North America, Great Britain, Australia, are temporarily cross linked to contain potentially explosive burst energies coming from those regions.

Essentially this is a re-gridification of the previous square grid which was too flexible for next steps. This is a rigid-izing of necessity, since potential explosion points in those regions have been detected, pinpointed, and now neutralized, with assistance of the newly rigid-ized grid.

This will, at the appropriate time, be reconfigured to a 5-grid, or pentagonal grid, appearing visually similar to the World sport, football, pattern.

We ask each who reads this and understands, to stay attuned to your Higher Station for moment by moment instructions to assist as needed.

We thank you for your attunement, and assistance, in this matter.

This will be further  elaborated on in the near future as threats from those areas recede.

This looks to have implications of the reports earlier this week of moving giant objects in Denever Airport and Pine Gap plus The weaponization of London Olympics.

Please be attuned to your higher self,

I will post the offer and all information  to join the all of GFoL ships soon. Once it has been passed through all Light Workers sxm here

Namaste Dave


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  1. Wonderful 🙂 Looking forward to this, thank you

  2. I am in. Waiting on stand by . Thank you !

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