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Lightworkersxm Article to all bloggers : dark side reporting : Bringing the light : Where are we? and where do we go form here?

I am drawn into the headline questions due to the 3 weeks work, at a time when we were all  trying to find out the truth about Mass Arrests and lead into a request for all Bloggers of the truth, get together and form our own collective news reporting station.

Some of our Light Workers Like Martin Kreulin In Holland ask of me ” why not go deeper into the light and less deeply looking into the dark-side?

I think he meant it as advice, we all know what the dark side are up to and we see everyday maniacs are running the Olympics and Maniacs are also trying to get into Syria and create war and more False flag stuff in US and Bulgaria.

What is confusing is the actions of the Unions in UK border control who have chosen to strike to cover the 26th to 28th July AKA the Beginning of the Olympics.

Is this the dark side? so that they can blame the actions of Unions, to allow the false flag Olympic planned destructions to take place?

Or is it a genuine ploy of disgust from the civil servants who have a grudge against money being spent on security in the Olympics, whilst their wages dwindle?

No matter how much we think we know about what the dark are doing, we actually do not know what deception plans they have, all over the world, it is onerous just keeping up with the deception and double deceptions.

Just as in Bulgaria, we see that a staged false flag operation by Isreal to kill their own holiday makers with the use of an ex Guantanamo conscript and without any corroboration or evidence, blame Iran for it.

This particular case and the whole scenario, was yet another cobbled up killing to start another war, which all means ‘Agenda 21 is still in full swing to create WW3’, All alternative media were on that case in 12 hours of the bombing.

So who would ever want to switch the Black ops news research gas off? We all like a genuine murder case to report on and we get hundreds every day so why stop keeping our eyes on the pulse.
Only the foolhardy I would say!

I would prefer to concentrate on the light for sure, but Mass Arrests are not in full swing and the Financial cover ups and all that is going on with Obama covering up the Judicial Process over the LIBOR scandal, shows you the Dark side run to defend each and every one of the 1% , at lightening speed.

The Colorado shooting at the Cinema is more dark ops for sure, BBC has been ordered straight into US gun control and brings the subject up, even if the punters do not want to talk about that side of it, they still press it on and on.

Giving us the clue of course,

It is directly organized crime to sell the black ops gun control agenda in the US and expect more Rhetoric about this from MSM.

The good news here of course that this is a crass demonstration by the ruling Elite that have made a hidden statement by this order,

“they are afraid of you ‘the Joe public’, owning guns, once we know this, we can then draw a conclusion and get an insight to their black ops.

So much so that Obama has signed yet another Executive Order for the Military to ‘kill on sight’ their own citizenry or those who do not hand over their personal defense tools.

So all of this story now makes far more sense, but at first it did not.

The roll of alternative news blog sites:

Now you will see that in White Hats Report #46 posted today here .

This covers a new area of thought regarding all the bloggers just like this site, and others who are ‘up there’ and in the knowledge.

It is an interesting call to all of us to get more together in my view.

Plus they have stuck their own necks out to appeal to those lower than those at the  apex of evil, to contact them to reveal their own hearts and souls as responsible human beings.

and I quote”

This blog community could become a team if you work together… and that team would be capable of piecing together something akin to an internet network that would keep all the people informed of all the news and we desperately need that. It could assist the Mainstream Media in becoming obsolete due to their cabal controlled reporting.  Mainstream Media – well, no guts to help save the world at this point, as you are totally controlled.  News Media, get some backbone.  We know you all do not have your tickets for the show … so are you laying down and giving up?  We are guessing you have families that you love and cherish.  Are they not reason enough to fight for your life and those humans that ultimately make a difference?  Get a clue folks! We’d like to offer our blog to start the conversation.

more at : http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/

Now I am not suggesting that the committee of 300 should contact Us , but I am suggesting that us smaller bloggers team up with all our favorite sources of direct news and leave the heavy stuff to the heavy weights,

like tdarkcabal.blogspot.com, as they are law researchers, as most of us are simply trying to spread the light.

So how many of you seriously think that our blogging, when brought together, could be a basis of collective consciousness and real alternative news updates , as it really is the very basis of this site already.

Personally I think that is a great idea,  I appeal to more of us bloggers at the lower end of the scale, to group together and share our bulletins and even form an assessment body.

That pool or body of information can then be distributed globally so that every one benefits from the news, from the collective pool.

I therefore invite all bloggers to express their interest in this and depending on response, will attempt to structure a form of news conveyor belt for all of us to share, this could be really beneficial to a lot of lost souls and it may also have personal benefits to all bloggers and light workers.

We can simplify it and To suit my request from a fellow light worker Martin from Holland, we could then cover the dark side in one section and all the latest Ops , then we can finish with the lighter side and all the new developments which reflect the speedily changing times.

Finally members of the pool could provide monthly or weekly updates and overviews.

We look forward to your ideas.




White Hats Report # 46 June 20th 2012 : Lets get straight into it ; Drake reports : good update of energy on the planet with good knowledge


David Wilcock : Full LIBOR post : June 20th 2012 : This will take you a few hours to go through : Please save and use as a general reference point : All things financial.

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