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Caribbean Spiritual Energy’s #5 : We go in search of water fun on Proa’s : Plus Great New Beach Bar in Grand Case about to Open : Interviews owners and get a lesson in History ; Food what to eat here and what is not to be eaten and why:

Today’s Caribbean Energy in Sint Marten/Saint Martin comes from the ocean waters of the Caribbean Sea initially

Check this out

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq-5iRVWC4E?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

$30 for 4 for 1 and half hours WHAT A BLAST!

And our very own Brett Sutherland has just built and is in the process of registering his 7 meter Proa here:

WIARUA ( Maori for Spirit) Side on with the crabs claw (engine room aloft) free energy vehicle in test:

WIARUA ( Spirit) PROA can go anywhere at anytime at almost any speed at little or no cost.

The beauty of this style of Shunting Proa ( as opposed to a Tack Proa) is that she is completely reversible, This means you swap everything over to change direction which makes it automatically a tack on tack sailing vessel and extremely agile and adaptable:
It coins the phrase “are we coming or going?”

Here the flip side shows the outrigger and the bamboo stick holding station for a pitched tent for Canal cruises and up stream river bound treks.

Budget Marine also assisted Brett in the building of this vessel last year with a four stroke 6 horse engine and I am reliably led to believe that this rig can go ‘on engine’ at 8 knots cruising on a 3 gallon tank for about 6 hours wow That’s 60 + miles on a $10 note with no wind, not even a scooter can do that.

This vessel was many times over used by Polynesians (Maori) and  is designed for speed rather than safety and was the only  method of conquest, exploration and delivery,  all those years ago.

It still works very well today but it is not for the faint hearted and make sure you have a good water proof box because You are going to take on water and get soaked. Speeds on ‘wind power only’ of 15 knots, are not uncommon in this vessel.

Now a little closer to land : New Beach Front Bar in Grand Case about to Open:

Mario’s Beach bar Cap’n?Frenchies and a little bit of sea side

Let’s speak to the owners and see if they are open minded and have the Caribbean Spirit and Energy?

Mario is about to open a new bar on the beach in Grand Case and it is an exceptional place in breathtaking surroundings,

Here is what Mario has to say about it all.

I found it by walking and talking along the beach with Cathy,

Never even entered my mind when I first saw it and Frenchie the owner was cooking a barbeque 69 year fit old fisherman come captain( arguably) So the bar will be called Cap’n Frenchie’s with a ? over the Cap’n?.

Every ones dream in North America is to have a beach bar in the Caribbean he retorts, so that is where my spontaneity came from,

This is a classic accident no more.

Getting ready for the season and a view from My apartment balcony

I like a casual bar with American Breakfast at 7:30 till 11 say and then some beach side cocktails beers for the boys and some water sports ,that is how I see it going, slowly at first , the location says it all , just keep em coming back I suppose.

So we open November in time for the first full season here, starts December and we will see how it goes out of Curiosity.

I am not into holding weddings or anything like that but they can turn up in front of the bar and do as they like plus take a tipple from the bar , that’s fine by me and my dog.

I may let LightworkerSXM hold a forum meeting here that’s cool’ I am interested to know more about their Colloidal Silver though,

Sounds like interesting in principle, I have trades background and I am a practical man, So that is how I see it,

I get my spirituality from reading books like Machia Veli’s ” Seminal World on Politics” and I have a saying in this world

” if you want people to do the thinking for you, they are all out there’ Nobody can control this power”

Just study the Roman Empire by Gibbons circa 1760 that says it all for me.

“If you ever want to know anything in this world just find out what it’s true nature is? Does not matter what you are talking about This says it all” Mario says with a rye smile.

Mario finished by adding some more books to help us on our way in understanding Our true nature.

Voltare Plus the Writings of St Augustine and Common sense by Thomas Paine

We wish you well with your new adventure Mario and Cathy and doggy

I asked Mario if he knew of Cobra and he just shrugged , I do not need anyone telling me what is going on, so I will pass on that one (chuckles and that rye smile again).

Mine is a Pine rum punch dear bar tender. Mario can be contacted on 1-721-559-1322 or email cathyglen@gmail.com

Aquaponics and Colloidal Silver and local food details:

Another interesting note here is the amount of people taking in the serious implications of installing their own Aquaponics and cultivating there own food and fish instead of this Island being dependent totally on the ships arrivals with Genetically Modified goods and on the odd occasion, some good processed food stuffs.

Generally this Island is divided in to one healthy side and one not so healthy side.

The French side generally has good French food sources which depend on shipping from Guadalupe which in turn has come from France, So as you can imagine it has the shipping charges distributed through the produce and can be healthy but pricey which was the sources of many a strikes in recent past.

The Dutch side rely on produce shipping in  from the United States thus exposing us here on this tiny Island to more Genetically Modified produce and food sources for example:

Any eggs from Hillsdale farms should not be consumed and all sweets are American even on the French side which are the Corporate Giant evil of Nestle, Coca-cola and the likes.

Bread too: Stick to the French , any bread from Coulson’s bakery is suspect due to the Monsanto flour they use The rest is corporate none-sense like Bimbo and should not be consumed.

Fruit is one of the reasons for living in the Caribbean and many South and Central American Fruit Juices in cartons and tins are on sale and are delicious, Guava, Melocoton, Mango and Pomigranite are simply, why we were put on this planet and are not so USA orientated and stands the test of possibly being real fruit for the most part.

A good tip for Water Melons was given to me by Freeky our Frequency tester, Water Melons should be black pips only, Any other seedless or white pips can be seen to be Genetically modified and are numerous through out the Island.

The third and mostly untalked of source of food is all the local sold Fruit here at the side of the road:


There is a hunch that blackened spores on fresh fruit skin is often Aluminium poisoning from all the  Chemtrails they continue to dump on us here, But as everyone knows any skin on any fruit can be covered in undetectable s and should be skinned first.

Coconuts ahhhh now they are just delicious and plentiful and must be consumed by any and all,

Remember put 2 drops of olive oil in fresh Coconut water and wash with it (your entire body)  and drink  the rest down ( separately I might add) and it is known by Mike Adams of Natural News to kill parasites inside and outside of you.

Our Colloidal Silver water makers are now selling in Grand Case and the total figure stands at 118 devices sold So we will be putting in for a new batch of consumer-able silver any time soon.

Remember our video is here if you need to know more: http://xi4.com/2012/09/03/colloidal-silver-how-to-make-the-purest-water-light-worker-sxm-colloidal-silver-devices-15-to-20-depending-on-size-make-as-much-water-as-you-like/

We intend to study the effects of adding Colloidal Silver Water to our Aquaponics systems but we have reservations on how it may destroy the system that is so built in and circulating nutrients to  the water supply of the fishes.

If Colloidal Silver is as good at it is, then it may just destroy the very parasite that needs to be alive in the Aquaponics circulatory  system.

That is all from the Caribbean this week enjoy the peaceful mindful  weeks ahead.




Colloidal Silver : The natural antibiotic : with Over 120 devices sold and now in Grand Case : Aquaponics and using Colloidal Silver in the water : Also from Barbados a friend asked “Does it help with Fibro-myalgia? guess what the answer is from Natural News?


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