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Cancer : “The Forbidden Cures” : Full Movie : : Full History : Full Exposure of the pro-profiteering : Finally why go natural ? Because they work : Yes and that is all of them:

This movie is a further down the line from the work on  Thrive the movie :  here is our link to all our movies; Starting with THRIVE


[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/25279346 w=599&h=503]


And for another cancer cure Here is running form the cure How our governments DO NOT WANT A CURE FOR CANCER

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGjC4HReFL0?feature=player_profilepage&w=640&h=360]

Incredible to think that every natural cancer cure, actually does work and should be used to cure our cancers.

We should all play the non conformity card and cure our own people.

People we love.

Remember it was written on our coins .

“We Are One” and “Watch Your Business”

We will not let any one forget

Now who is up for a natural cancer cure? there are dozens that I know and I do not even work in this field.

Colloidal Silver

Hemp Oil


Baking Soda




Graviola Fruit

Nooney fruit


Ginger root

Oh and the list is endless




The Corbett Report : Coupled with Benjamin Fulford: Weather Modification : How Military want to ‘Own The Weather’ : How it is used covertly and Politically : A weapon of the most MASS destruction


Max Keiser vs Nigel Farage: EU Nobel Peace Prize Award : Technocrats given Award By Techno Judge : Machine on Machines : Time for Nobel Peace Prize to Commit Suicide : Or have they just done that? Hilarious!


  1. I saw one the other day for Maple syrup and baking soda. I think it was 3 parts maple syrup to one part baking soda. I think you mix it some kind of way because it separates after a few minutes but the maple syrup is suppose to help the baking soda to slip into the cell. Thats what i read anyway.

  2. Joe Baker

    Ever since we started to eat all the junk food and to use micro wave ovens we started to get sick. So it produces all kinds of profits for big corporations. Some people just can’t believe they could keep this from us. But they want you sick by 65 and dead by 80. If people knew the truth they would live to 150 and how could the system work? I mean they would have to not allow people to retire until 125 years old.

    • lightworkersxm

      It appears all those decisions are made for us, but I think it is worse that what goes in our lungs stomachs and eyes is controlled too, we have not much say about most of the decisions against us, as there are no decisions that go in our favour, Dave

  3. Perhaps this will interest you… about hemp oil as a cancer cure – http://www.youtube.com/user/chrychek?feature=relchannel
    I just came across it and thought of your post here…
    Best, C

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