MIP Peru.

A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

Kauilapele Post Poof and his Video Now released : Very important information : Cobra : Portal 2012 Tells us They (The CABAL) have not got any Gold Left: Cobra is now here with LightworkerSXM about to start his Conference

This post has been removed temporarily at the request of Kauilapelle
As Kauilapele is one of our supporters and an important source of information  I have honoured this request.
Here is the note form KP.
Aloha Dave,
Could you please remove your Poof interview post, as it has been requested from quite high up. I want to be sure everyone who has it out there on their blogs takes it down, for now. Thanks much. It’s a temporary thing.
I’m sure Cobra can explain more. Best to you at your Cobra conference. In some ways, would love to be there.


Free Energy : Anti-Gravity : Natural Health Cures : Stirling D Allen : CEO Gives it to us straight on the latest devices out there from : Pure Energy Systems : Sign up on their web site now for latest


USA are covering up Their Intelligent Indigenous past : Dolmens : Pyramids and Giant Skeletons Found everywhere in USA: Tapestry that has been built that replicate the stars : It simply did not fit the New Paradigm :So they have covered it

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  1. Joan

    Thie interview with Poof, posted on American Kabuki has been pulled from that site and
    all other sites where it appeared, by request from “higher ups” and one would presume,
    Poof himself. See http://www.jhaines6.wordpress.com for more information.

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