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Benjamin Fulford post 12:11:12 : West Crumbles more : As Japan see changes in top ranks: Obama Now target of Nazi/Bush Zionist’s for winning election ; Obama has new teleprompter : stops one False flag to stave off WW3

Ben Fulford: World intervention saves Obama, prevents World War 3, November 12, 2012

Posted on November 12, 2012 

The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.

Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Obama returned the favor by complying to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military, the sources say.

That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other bush operatives were fired. The purge at the pentagon and agencies included CIA Chief David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles M.Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, according to CIA and other agency sources.

Obama now has a totally different set of handlers and teleprompter script writers than he did in his first term. The agenda he is expected to follow is to set the stage for a swords to plowshares transition of the military industrial complex.

He is also expected to oversee the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board.

The voting patterns for Obama reflected the fact that he was elected thanks to non-Europeans. He got over 70% of Hispanic, Asian and Jewish votes, close to 100% of African American votes and only 39% of European American votes. There was also massive support from the 180 nations of the world that are sick and tired of never ending American and European war-mongering.

Obama is now a high priority assassination target of the Nazi/Bush faction, according various sources.

The situation may actually lead to civil war against the Bush Texas stronghold. Since Obama got only a bit more than 30% of the European American male vote you can be sure there are lot of upset white men, many of whom belong to militias, who might fight with the Nazis, creating a potentially volatile situation.

The White Dragon Society was not involved in the decision to back Obama but agrees with it, with some reservation, because the alternative was WW3.

The overwhelming Jewish support for Obama, despite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s support for Romney, makes it pretty clear the Jews are sick and tired of being manipulated into fear and war by neo-Nazi Zionist thugs. The Israeli military and intelligence establishment has also finally figured out that they have been fooled into working as proxies for Nazi American and European tycoons and are no longer following the program. Netanyahu, who had his psychiatrist murdered, and was part of the 311 nuclear terror attack on Japan, will probably end up in jail when this is all over.

The Bush faction CIA agent “ambassador Stevens” was definitely behind the nuclear and tsunami mass terror attack against Japan on 311, according to MI6 and gnostic illuminati sources. He was tortured for 8 hours after his capture in Libya and spilled the beans on the plot to start WW3 with a false flag attack against US forces in the Persian Gulf. While he was hung out like a worm on a hook he reached out to various places asking for help which also helped reveal the network he was working for, they say.

Admiral Gaoutte, who wanted to help Stevens, was taken away in handcuffs and has not appeared in public since his arrest, meaning he is probably undergoing intense interrogation, pentagon sources say. Gaouette was planning to attack his own fleet and blame it on Iran in order to start a war, according to these sources.

The White Dragon Society also received a direct call from a senior pentagon general warning that Hurricane Sandy was just a foretaste of what would happen if Romney was not elected. Now we shall see what retaliation the Bush Nazi faction carries out now that their people are being purged following Obama’s victory.

There are also mass clouds of disinformation being put out now and it will take some time for it to clear up and reveal more about what is really going on.

For example many sources say George Bush Senior is senile and in a wheel chair and that Jeb Bush now runs the clan. However, Neil Keenan says Bush recently got a $5 million rejuvenation treatment in Hong Kong and is still fully in control.

This sounds far-fetched but Japanese military intelligence sources say former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone recently appeared at a funeral looking far younger than his 94 years making many speculate he had been “replaced.” Other well-known gerontocrats like David Rockefeller also occasionally appear rejuvenated as if they had undergone some sort of treatment.

The other disinformation surrounds what CIA Chief Petraeus was up to. Some pentagon sources say he was planning to install himself as a Roman style emperor after killing Obama and staging a coup.

Others say he was a patriot who was fired to prevent him from testifying about what really happened to Stevens.

What is clear though is that the mass firings announced by Obama mark a major change in the US power structure.

A lot of Japanese power-brokers have been deeply upset by the Romney defeat, notably Junichiro Koizumi’s and Yasuhiro Nakasone’s people. That means that well-financed attempts to set up a new Nazi puppet regime in Japan are now doomed.

This is already becoming visible. Tokyo Governor and well-known China baiter Shintaro Ishihara resigned to start a new national political party after his son was defeated in his effort to take over the resurgent Liberal Democratic Party. However, Ishihara is not finding any followers and has committed political suicide. The moves to place charismatic Osaka major Toru Hashimoto, an Ishihara friend, as a new leader of Japan are also now being put to an end.

Instead it is now looking likely that the Liberal Democratic Party and ruling Democratic parties will merge and choose a new leader through an open and fair election.

The Chinese leadership transition is also still underway but the emerging consensus is that democratic and other reforms that the new generation carry out will resemble the Singapore model more than they resemble the US or European models.

The Europeans, for their part, still do not have access to printing presses for new money and the result is a slow implosion of government function and society in many of their countries. Money will flow again when the wars and terror are stopped.

Mass Arrests : Pedophilia : LIBOR : Mass resignations again :It is all connected and heads a rolling: Jimmy Savile and the Vatican and Pedophilia is related to the banksters and Rothschilds and Masonic Lodges & super secret society’s

Canada, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Germany,  Scotland, Wales Now , Plus The entire UK are all suffering Mass exposure to Organized Pedophilia at the heart of Government.

This is monumental

To some, Pedophilia has been so well organized that it is a way of life.

And the Government turns a blind eye ,Sorry lets get that right, The governments Openly sponsors and supports it, as you will see shortly.

If a plane crashed today killing all of it’s passengers ALL PLANES SIMILAR WOULD BE GROUNDED, fact.

Why does Cameron not close all churches, masonic lodges, and Crown schools plus the evil in the Social Services and Do it now?

Zionist and Rothschild Asset, David Cameron is in on the  cover up, be sure about that, but the story of child abuse is so great you need to look at the satanic ritual and cross that with the system of Financial control and governance that is set up, and most of all, for whom it is set up to benefit the most.

So now we have a crime scene and we know what to expect , we should follow all child murder and molestation cases which are currently in law suites today.

Plus we should look at the financial control situation that supports the illegal acts of child abuse and any law suites against the financial bankster elite and then we have our answer.

Firstly we need to know our financial structure who support all these illegal child sponsored abuses and follow the money.

1) Vatican City the smallest Country in the world with 1000 occupants and it’s own laws.

It is the biggest Bank in the world. using religion as it’s method of getting your last penny’s.

2) Corporation of London and the Crown is the biggest controlled finance and media center in the world and has it’s own rules, and the Knights  Templar Headquarters of the Masonic lodge and  is another country independent to any other people on the planet, the Crown owns a 6th of the land on this planet ( so they tell us).

3) Washington District of Columbia is 10 square mile Country in the heart of Washington and has it’s own laws and none of the above pay any takes whatsoever .

The 3 of them form a pyramid of power and control over the entire  planet which is run by the Black Nobility and Club of Rome bloodlines families and all are linked to Masonic Lodges of the highest order and secret societies that practice satanic ritualistic Slaughtering of children and child abuse is widespread behind closed doors .

Orsini and Breakspear’s being the most silent but most powerful and the Rothschild’s, Schiff’s, Oppenheimer  and Warburg’s being more active in the 3 house orders are all controlled from the Corporation of London.

The Crown Property of London, is where the Royal Families come into it all, they are banned by their own law , to  be  close to the Rothschilds at any one time. I have actually heard that 100 feet is the closest that the Royalty can be near to the Rothschilds at any one moment.

The current Queen is head of the Crown for The British Commonwealth and she has 2 billion people under her wing in the Commonwealth, Plus she runs  the British Government and all the other commonwealth  country governments like Australia, New Zealand and Canada, to mention a few.

The other royals in Europe are set up the same but not as big with the exception of Spain, as you will see momentarily.

The USA does not escape the grip of the Royal Crown properties and is secretly owned by the British Crown in the Corporation of London, and all of  it’s finance has to go through the Corporation of London via IRS and the Federal Reserve.

The Vatican also has 2 billion people on it’s books, So between them they own half the planets people, whether they like it or not.

The total control of the people  leaves only China and the Middle East, however South America being owned mainly  by the Spanish Crown in conjunction with the Vatican. So china and the Middle East ( Syria ) are the only places on earth that have not got a Corporation of London CENTRAL BANK and have not yet had their money stolen by the Rothschild’s.

To help get your head around who actually owns us , just look at other places like Strasbourg and Monaco, Andorra and Lichtenstein  These are home to all other masonic families and secret rule makers  and have their own rule books , Also JERSEY is owned by The Crown, Now isn’t that funny and Mason’s are guided to meet up on the Arrival in the airport,

Take a look at Pie’n’Mash film SUN SEA & SATAN.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq6lJsBz9UY?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

What has all of this got to do with Pedophilia one asks ?

Kevin Annett is exposing the Canadian Government, The  Vatican and the British Royal family at the ITCCS for crimes in Canada, Ireland, Belgium and Holland to mention a few, for Crimes against the Children in Churches and schools throughout the world and much of his work not only exposes State run Pedophilia but actual Child Torture and killing and satanical slaughter of children organized by Church and state.

He has exposed the most horrendous cover up of crimes in many of those countries against Children and indigenous peoples.

His site can be found here and is an eye opener : http://hiddenfromhistory.org/

Also you can watch Kevin’s film “Unrepentant” on this site which exposes how Kevin came across these atrocities and genocide when he was just a Reverend of o local church  there in Canada.

Updates of Kevin’s Work can be seen here :  http://itccs.orough/

The cover up is so grand that the British Royal family issued instructions to arrest him on entry should Kevin  enter the UK.

I would like to see someone in Britain ask the BBC, SKY or ITV :

Why has   Kevin Annett  been banned by the UK for exposing the Vatican and the Royal Family of Genocide of children, which has lead directly to Royalty Demand orders in banning him from all UK ports, at a time when the entire Establishment, Media and Crown in the UK, is under the cosh for the said same such crimes?.


The Vatican Global Crime spree: 

Just to cover how many law suites against the Vatican, world wide, is astonishing but can be found here : http://www.vaticancrimes.us/

Now if you look what is going on right now, There must be thousands of cases against the Vatican  on child abuses and we all know Ratzinger was put there,  in his child molesting capacity, to help cover this up, under rules of the the order of the house in Vatican City.

There are more than 24 counties who have serious court battles for  child abuse directly charging the Vatican.

It is at the heart of Catholicism and is in fact a way of life,

The catholic churches around the world have more than 24 countries that have thousands of law suites against them, just go back to Vatican crimes link above and look in side column and the countries listed with atrocities.

Now to add to this massive Common law attempt take back of Churches and schools by the ITCCS, where these child crimes are being systematically covered up by respective governments under orders from the Crown, You can see a common ground of corruption forming a clear picture here.


The Jimmy Savile  case appears to be unraveling a Masonic Lodge connection to the schools & churches and  all manner of ritualistic and  satanic killings, slaughter, torture and child abuse, whether that  be pedophilia or anything else for that matter.

All other splinter groups and local organizations are now filing there own law suits and horrifically, there appears not one parish around the UK that does not have systematic abuse as an on going entity, Organized specifically and sponsored by the Government, Royalty or Masons.


I spoke with Richard Kissack on Facebook who was  Councillor of Douglas, Isle of Man, and even on this small Island they have not escaped the iron fist of secret society sponsored child molestation policy and there appears no difference in the way the Vatican does it, as to the way Britain ( Scotland in particular) and Jersey . Plus the North Wales government ordered  cover ups and more than governments are currently being exposed.

Richard  says sadly, that there are 20 people awake and aware in his island in high positions   but only he is prepared to put his voice out and ‘his cock on the block’ , as others do not like their lives to be exposed to such child abuse which is very very sad indeed.

People consider them selves more important than our kids? So sad.

His site covers a wealth of latest news on the subject http://freeasthysweetmountainair.wordpress.com/

However, for me one of the best sites is Aangirfan : http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2012_11_01_archive.html

Currently : Aangirfan is covering the North Wales issues and it is not looking good there, This was previously covered up so badly by William Hague in the 90’s,

How many of us like William Hague?

please respond?

The cover up is continuous on TV today ,

No body knows that thousands turned up on 5th November at Number 10 downing street to ask for ministers to come out and be arrested for pedophilia charges.

here : http://www.namastepublishing.co.uk/news-black-out-the-march-on-parliament-5-nov-2012/

All Mainstream Media did not cover the event which is significant in a time of when Pedophilia is top of everyone’s agenda,

Even protests in Germany last week in German cities were against state sponsored child abuse were evident and widespread.


We DO expect mass arrests of Lords and Government ministers and even links to Masonic Lodges and Royalty.

Kevin Annett hopes to have many Common law courts in churches around Ireland, Holland, Canada and Belgium from 15th Nov 2012.

This could indicate 4 countries closing down churches by the people for the protection of our children,

An announcement is expected on http://itccs.org/

It will be interesting to see if these people arrested will be linked to the satanic financial meltdown too?

Back to finance 

Also as LIBOR is expected to have arrests of major high elite banksters this next week seen here on Bloomberg : http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-11-09/rbs-ubs-traders-said-to-face-arrest-in-libor-probe.html

Mass resignations, here is a comprehensive list, just this week of elite going down ,


Here is a list of people under the cosh currently : with the Jimmy Savile Probe:

Probably more people on here than ‘you can shake a stick at’ : thanks to Richard Kissack  and David Icke for sending this :

http://www.ccs-rochford.co.uk/spivey/?p=6757 this includes all known famous arrested and charged government stars and movie set people.

And is any thing going on in Europe too ?

Yes Holland Germany and Finland and Brazil all Blame the United Nations and select countries state run Social Services for actively rounding up children in an assisted (state sponsored) lawful manner.

Brazil has actually the first state to protect it’s own citizens against Social (child laundering) Services. who must be supplying world purchasing circles.

Finland on the other hand appeals to parents to stop killing their own kids and committing suicide when State organized social services barge into their homes and steal their children, an un-nervy statistic that is a reality in modern day. Read this :


The Royals and Rothschild links to Pedophilia: 

But at last in this last article not only have we exposed Global child genocide, in the Social Services but also in The United Nations which then spreads spreads to all governments, but This article is the link that links it all, and some great work (Videos) done here by Kevin Annett and David Icke.

More over: it exposes the Royal Family and the Rothschild’s links to pedophiles at the eye of the satanic pyramid:


So Now not only is it the Vatican and all secret Lodge society’s it is at the heart of The United Nations.

So that means every government and Mason and secret society  throughout the world.

Brazil is the only country leading in it’s exposure and cessation, which is ironically The leader of BRICS nations bringing in the new financial system NESARA.ation.

BRICS of course being Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa , plus 140 following nations.

Argentina just today has dumped trading the Dollar and will probably get a hurricane or some Royal Airforce bombs for its efforts.

So lots of work for us all to do , one thing for certain Satanic child abuse is rife around the world and it’s link to the rulers of our planet and their fetishes is widespread and in built into  society just like documentary “Sun Sea and Satan” showed us in Jersey.

It is only us that can stop this, ALL of us that is,

Please spread far and wide, all of you are responsible, Jersey is an example of how the world works, in it’s satanic festering filth and our light work must bring light to those millions suffering, simply to please the corporate robbers of our world who have another string to their bow other than complete global financial control .

and that is Unspeakable gross perversions and the ownership of child depravity.


Benjamin Fulford : 7th Nov 2012 : China and Japan clearly in the process of cleaning house As Obama is back for another 4 years : Old oligarch’s are to go and bringing new Principles in

Ben Fulford: The Pentagon and agencies choose Obama, the Chinese military stick with Hu

Posted on November 7, 2012

Barak Obama’s victory in the electronically rigged US presidential election means he will remain the spokesman for the pentagon and the agencies over the next 4 years. These same agencies recently have actively leaked information about Romney’s drug money laundering and other criminal activities in a clear sign of a military industrial complex revolt against the Bush Nazi faction, according to CIA and other sources. The Dragon family also supported Obama because he agreed to go along with their agenda, according to White Dragon Society sources in Indonesia.

A push by libertarians and milita movements to write in Ron Paul, meanwhile, was squashed by higher military ranks because of Paul’s proposal to close US bases world-wide.

However, the biggest losers were the Zionists who were hoping Romney would help them realize their dream of starting World War 3.

In China meanwhile, the old guard kept Hu Jintao in charge of the military to make sure incoming leader Xi Xinping keeps within the consensus of a peaceful rise of China and does not provoke unnecessary macho violent incidents.

The big changes as usual, remain under the surface as a consensus on the shape of the new financial system slowly gels.

Here the Lee family, the one that has traditionally worked the closest with the Western committee of 300 secret government faction, is emerging as a pivotal force. The models they are holding up for future US/China/EU relations are Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Vancouver, Canada. These regions have also successfully and harmoniously integrated the strong points of both Western and Asian culture while avoiding pervasive corruption.

There is a general consensus among both Western and Asian secret government factions in favor of the formation of a new world economic planning agency run along the lines of the meritocratic bureaucracies mentioned above that have merged the best of Western (Roman) legal culture with Asian (Chinese) bureaucratic culture.

There is also a consensus that such an agency would not be a world government but simply an agency in charge of development projects too big, international and ambitious to be carried out by individual governments or corporations.

However, before that can happen, the bastions of the old regime such as the BIS, the European Central Bank, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and of course the Federal Reserve Board, need to be subjected to a final charge of the Bastille.

To this end, the pentagon and agencies have agreed on the need to start creating government issued “greenback” currency in lieu of the US dollars issued by the privately owned Federal Reserve Board. If the US government did this it would be able to rebuild US infrastructure and finance ambitious development projects such as the high-speed rail network proposed by Leo Wanta.

Before that is possible, though, the new greenback has to be decoupled from the international currency wrongly named the “US” dollar. If that happens, the greenback would plunge in value compared to the international dollar. This would generate a huge increase in US exports plus investment into the US manufacturing and tourist industries.

However, it would also mean the Pentagon would find it prohibitively expensive to maintain much of its overseas presence using devalued greenbacks. That is why the White Dragon Society has proposed that Asian countries, including China, hire the services of the pentagon for worldwide police and security work. This has been already been agreed to and test projects in places like Afghanistan have begun.

The unsolved issue remains deciding who would take over control of internationally traded US dollars. No US dollars have been created since 2008, which is why the US currency has not collapsed despite announcements of quantitative easing that should have been hyper-inflationary if the announced numbers were for real.

The problem is deciding on a new management structure can be put in place to manage the international trading currency formerly called the “US” dollar. The general consensus is that it needs to be merged with the Renminbi, Ruble and other currencies.

In Japan, meanwhile, signs of fundamental change continue to proliferate.

In a sign Japan is beginning to unravel the disastrous Wall Street and Nazi imposed economic policies of the past two decades, the Japanese Finance Minister, its Economy Minister and the Governor of the Bank of Japan all issued this unusual policy statement on October 30th:


The Japanese language version of this release is longer and more detailed and makes it clear the Japanese government has decided to end government debt slavery. In essence the Bank of Japan has started to print yen to use to pay down existing Japanese government bonds and reduce government debt.

The White Dragon Society has proposed that independent Japan’s ruling Democratic Party merge with the resurgent Liberal Democratic Party and place itself under the strong and charismatic leadership of Osaka’s Toru Hashimoto.

The Japanese imperial family, for its part, is seriously contemplating moving its headquarters from Tokyo back to Kyoto as a move to transfer some government functions towards the Kansai region. This would be in preparation for the establishment of the new economic planning agency.

The Japanese underworld is also undergoing fundamental reforms. All of Japan’s yakuza gangs are now under a single umbrella and will become a semi-autonomous semi-government agency somewhat like the CIA is in the US.

The new leadership is strongly opposed to the distribution of drugs but this is causing friction with gangs like the Inagawa who traditionally earned a lot of money selling drugs brought in through US military bases. To help generate funds and make up for lost income, the White Dragon Society has proposed that marijuana be legalized in Japan and sold by yakuza companies. In exchange, yakuza groups would continue to obey current directives not to sell hard drugs like amphetamines, heroin and cocaine.

The Yakuza and right wing groups have also formulated a new general policy towards China which can be summed up as follows:

“If China is a beautiful woman, make love, if it is a fat man coming to rape you, fight.”

The Chinese, for their part, are planning to bring plenty of money to Japan in search of investment opportunities. They are looking for a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and one rumour has it that Sharp is one of the companies being eyed.

The Chinese will be doing the same thing all over the world as well and all cou
ntries should welcome them so long as their presence is constructive and beneficial.

The old regime may still try to provoke conflict in a desperate attempt to stop all this friendly activity. Whenever they do so please remember it is better to make love than to make war.

Romney bought into the voting machines: have a look at his hard profiteering Romney should be called Rothschild

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvii2bvi_-s?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

its working


here is his company

The Bush family own him of course


DutchSince : Hurricane Sandy : Weather manipulation Compared with Hurricane Irene: 12 months earlier ; Massive evidence of Hurricane steering and intensification : Must See:

Dont forget HAARP SBX is at sea in 3 locations around the world

It can be clearly seen here in action stimulating Hurrican Sandy to land and intensifying it.

One right in the path of Hurricane Sandy It’s location can be defined by the microwave pulses driving the direction of Sandy


Here is Dutch Sinse version of vents over the passed 2 weeks and maybe over 12 months too

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dgcuw2RaO0?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]



More pictures of sea based HAARP SBX

Alfred Webre : Jim Stone : David Icke : Frankinstorm Sandy : False Flag for Martial law : British Royals , BBC , Vatican and Gov in the doc :Round up of worlds weekly activities

What is going on last week WOW lots  ? 

So much I will let you decide for your self ,

Watch out in the USA;  The British Crown and the Rothschild’s, they are coming for you.

Alfred Lambremont Webre has the news for you,

Here is the headlines ( the ones that are covered up by mainstream media by design):

Bullet points of video:

HAARP is headed out by the British Crown and is a Frankenstorm Sandy is a False flag operation for Martial law for the  USA to keep Barry Soetoro ( Obama) in Power.

HAARP is a weather weapon  and (Frankenstorm) Sandy is by design a false flag operation and is set on The people of United States to create panic and then the implementation of Martial Law IE: Problem Reaction Solution aka David Icke:

Washington state quake this week was a pincer like Pschy-Op to Hurricane Sandy.

The genocide death reports are under Friendly fascist control and are much lower in reports than people are finding.

Haiti was done for Rockefellers wanting to take Haiti Gold and Oil and was a precursor for this weeks  false flag home run.

The British Crown is a Satanic cult and WW2 Hiroshima was christian city chosen by City of London Banksters.

Norway’s HAARP at Trompso was used in the Norway Spiral event and Japan’s Fukushima event.

London ‘s Westminster Hall, The Queen, The Pope , and Barry Soetoro (Obama), met in 2005 in special meeting.

Rothschilds achieved ‘change of crown’ and will hand down to William.( that is dark version of events- Light version is Harry will get it)

Obama engineered Mega storm to secure his re-election.

HAARP readings where the strongest readings ever since 1992  in the build up to Sandy.

It shows clearly that the storm was steered and much more  powerful that reported.

HAARP was a major tool to bring down the towers in 9/11.

Hurricane Katrina was a false flag so too was the BP gulf oil spill and Hurricane Irene last year.

Corexit was aided in ruining the gulf waters by The British Crown and Barack Obama.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_w7n-y4oSI?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

So what else is going on just now in the world ?

In Britain

The government is on the way down for links to Peado chain,

More information on this site ‘than you can shake a stick at’:


BBC and the British Government and Royalty and Vatican all linked in massive Pedophile chain with holding and allowing to run Jimmy Savile and a child porn pimp. Freddie Star arrested and released. more Stars and big names to follow this week.


David Icke said all this about the Jersey school in 1991 about Savile abusing boys there with Edward Heath and they just laughed at him.

LIBOR still strangling UK and global banksters but none have gone to jail yet but many strange things happening.

HSBC caught with pants down over Drug money laundering and gangster bankster activity.

There will be a major posting this week on this site  linking the Rothschild Peado ring to the Royal family and the government and entertainment industry peado rings

In Europe

Will BASEL III save the dollar in Switzerland? Maybe Benjamin Fulford was right 2 years ago ? here is great article on Basel III Gold backed money and the loss or reserve currency status with the US dollar.


Cancer treatment company’s pull out of Greece for non payments ( maybe this is good news for Greece no more Chemo)

Gold Germany Hungary Holland Bulgaria Romania and a few  others want to see their gold.


Polish PM Flight had bombs on it and is covered up, This was to force Poland into Euro of course.


USA (is a big hell hole right now).

As Frankenstorm Sandy Hit Obama runs to white house to sign #923 Executive order , more than all other presidents put together,

The formation of The White house Homeland Security Partnership Council ( as if anyone really needs that) at a time he is campaigning for re-election and while the country is under emergency.


$43 Trillion lawsuite against the Fed and All Banksters announced on CNBC mainstream The CEO has his kids killed that night and pulls the broadcast for his own safety ,Cabal?

California on Quake red alert til Wednesday ( another false flag)? HAARP again is in full on mode like in Sandy but shows signature of things to come in California, next 48 hours here :


But there is more what about Chemical attacks and drills all in one week in San Diego and lots of Fallse flag prep wrok going on staggering .


Louisiana sink hole grows bigger and bigger and gets more inflammable and toxic by the hour ( another false flag perhaps).


over 20 ageing nuke plants in US in danger from weather and equipment failures

Less we mention Military Rule in several states on East coast and all the suffering and holding back of services and gas form victims of Sandy , but All aid went to hold the NY city Marathon instead.

But the list of terrorism false flags  is endless look at all these FBI  government false flags this year alone;



Jim Stone has his view on what happened and it is lots, showing generators just blowing up with no real storm around:


USA is a wholesale mess right now. watch  out for more this week it is all a bluff to fake the DIOBOLD MACHINE elections, stock up on tinned food ,The ships just may not come to the Caribbean next week.

Wow all in on week I can hardly cope ,,So watch out and keep us posted here if we miss things please:

Take great care over this next and coming weeks ,

Remember Benjamin Fulford post out tomorrow PM EST cannot wait :



Portal 2012 Conference Sint Maarten/St Martin : 30th November – 2nd December : Tickets on sale now : Limited ticket only venue:

The Portal 2012 Conference SXM here in Sint Maarten with special guest host Cobra.

Tickets now on sale for those outside Sint Maarten :

Please send inquiry email requesting tickets to,


Our voluntary staff will be there to guide you in all requests, from where to stay and how to get here etc.

View from my balcony of Energies of Saint Martin

Conference details and specifics :

Friday 30th November 6 pm -9 pm 

Introduction with meditation  and meeting  Guest Host Cobra:

Saturday 1st December 10.30 am-1.00 pm.

LIBERATION OF THE PLANET-*Galactic  Wars and Atlantis-*Quarantine Earth and Archon-*Forces of Light and forces of darkness- *Resistance Movement.

Saturday afternoon 1st December 2.30 pm-7.30 pm.

THE EVENT-*The Plan-removal of the dark forces-*New financial system-*New advanced technologies-*Disclosure and First Contact-*Planetary Light body activation-*2012 Event Horizon-*Galactic super-wave .

Sunday Morning 2nd December 10.30 am to 1.00 pm.

2012 AND YOU-*Your mission: the life you were meant to live -*Joining the Light forces-*Deprogramming the masses-*Planetary liberation meditation-*Healing the timelines .

Sunday Afternoon 2nd December 2.30 pm – 7.30 pm.

RETURN OF THE GODDESS-*Experiencing Goddess energies-*Goddess Vortex meditation

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These are really exciting times for our Region and for those who wish to enjoy some Caribbean beaches, sunshine and breezes,

Sint Maarten’s :Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) has direct flights to Paris, Amsterdam, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Canada.

We have a list of preferred and recommended hotels and guest houses depending on your requirements to suit all forms of budgets.

If you have not visited this Island of Vortex energy then we strongly recommend you do so, it is 7 miles by 6 miles and has a huge lagoon ( hurricane hole) for a vast array of ships and yachts form all over the world.

It has the Dutch side south and French side North which is a principality 97 of France:

So we are diverse in interest and languages commonly spoken is English, French, Dutch and Hispanic plus Creole and Pappamiento a mix of the all the above.

The currency is both Euro on French side and Dollar on the Dutch side.

Fruits and foods of the Caribbean will not let you down either, we have it all growing at the side of the road here, Mango Fruit Graviola Fruit ( the cancer curing Sour-Sop ) and Guava fruit plus delicious beach side fresh Coconut Palms.

We truly are delighted to be giving this opportunity to you to come here and enjoy the messages that will be offered in this conference.

You like me are delighted with our special guest and host speaker Cobra  here: 


This is a ticket only venue with limited amount of ticket for sale: $250 for full conference.

Local people for the event have the option for $30 for opening evening  and $100 per subsequent day>

Please email lightworkerssxm@gmail.com and ask about tickets bookings and log your name to ensure your ticket is secured.

This is more than any holiday, this is your ticket to our future.



PS :We shall see you all there for a great weekend:

David Icke : Wembley Arena ; Some of the 15minute videos coming From David’s Epic in Wembley Just last week

New rant from David Icke at

Wembley Oct 2012

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skOkKX7KchE?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Saturn Moon Matrix

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85TnhQI2DpI?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Monsanto agenda 21

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cadrA71hLk?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Non Comply dance

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXsxNndj8qE?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Zen Gardner : Pretty good video for 30 minutes ; your slavery your dumbed down life ; this is not the way it should be : wake up all of you :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZx2tUCB9t8?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Enough said , please listen carefully



Original article here : http://www.zengardner.com/fight-the-new-world-order-with-global-non-compliance/

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