1) Boeing In The US Blocking this technology Since 2006 to defend it’s Profiteering of their new planes.

2) Even The UK Lockeed Martin Blocking Keshe Technology since 2005 2006 To defend theirweapon making and profiteering:

3) Even the King Of Belgium is Blocking His Technology;

4) Iran has The technology So does Sudan, Sierra Leonne, Who have Universities with little more than some small tools.

5) Time for war is over ,,There is No future in Wars as this technology will blow conventional war out of the window:

6) If Iran gets attacked they are allowed to Retaliate and can:

7) Conventional speeds is mach 2 or 3, Keshe technology has speeds limitis of Mach 30 to 40:

8) Health Doctors Know they are killing slowly their patients None of them will take Chemo therapy:

9) Doctors can only give medicine they are forced to give out, not for your health but for profiteering.

10) NASA no have this technology So too does US government:

11) Our governments all have this technology and are all with holding it to defend profiteering.

12) We intend to give this technology to the people of the world by buying a major server on the internet to pass this around:

13) We demonstrated solidifying gases and could have cleaned up the Gulf Oil crisis and they were denied:

14) Canadians Arrested ( more like kidnapped and threatened his life) So we do not work with Canada sant back to Belgium after 4 days of threats: