I would like to officially introduce a company that will play a major role in the future changes of our planet. For all of those who have participated in the “Fix the World” Project, this is one organization that has taken your input to heart. Below is a letter written directly from the Trustees to all of you who wish to get involved at this time. As you will see from the content below, and also on their website, these guys mean serious “New Paradigm” Business!

Global Genius Trust has been very interested to see the results of the “Fix the World” survey project. We would like to make HopeGirl’s readers aware of our intentions in these fields. You can see many of your suggested projects already presented on our website, which, unfortunately, is not up to date, as we have lost our webmaster. We invite the participation of those of you who wish to help us make a difference in the world!

1. New Energy Technologies

Provide funding, development and production of new energy technologies such as:

d. Fuelless engines for generators, automobiles, busses, boats, trucks, etc.

e. Bird-safe wind generation

f. Mini-hydroelectric plants, with over-unity power generation

g. Over-unity electromagnetic power generation equipment

h. Over-unity motors for household and industrial equipment

i. Waste to energy or waste to fuel technologies

j. Over-unity light sources

k. Low cost water desalination, to turn deserts into gardens

l. Localization of power generation—neighborhood or home, vs city or region, provides more direct control and responsibility to the local consumers.

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