MIP Peru.

A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

Human Design System Chart ; Get your own HDS Chart now : Start learning your Spiritual Qualities: Rhu Hru Hu : And Human design Tells You : All you need to know : About your self :

Here is and example


If you want to get your own please go here :

http://www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart You wil need date and time of birth and location.

If you need an explanation of what it means wnd which area you need to calm down then go here :

and if you need a breif discription then go here for 15 minute video.




“Have fun learning all about yourself”


Cobra : Portal2012 : Report from Giza : Interesting dateline of Events : Partial Portal Opening : Despite Darkside Interruptions : Very Interesting News


David Icke ; Consciousness explained : In Laymans Terms : Exciting new way to look at our selves : The choice is ours :


  1. Kavita Gandhi

    The day field on the site only goes as far as 10… My bd is two digits

    • May I suggest you read carefully I have done over 24 charts for people over the past 5 days and the box columns have been meticulously sat up and are correct, plasetake your time, look through each box clearly and carefully, it works very well and is unique for each person, many Thanks Namaste Dave

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