Free Electricity Offer

Our Technology
In 1999 Dennis Lee went on tour throughout the United States demonstrating a working model of the Hummingbird motor–a small, 50 horse power, permanent magnet unit that runs without any outside energy source.  Then in 2001 he went on a second nationwide tour to demonstrate a working model of the 30 kWh Sundance generator.  Dennis showed the generator to be 100% efficient–something that no audience had ever seen before.  During this second tour Dennis made a point of stating that he will not run the two working components of his system together until he has achieved critical mass public awareness in his Free Electricity Program.  Dennis has determined that this critical mass public awareness will be achieved when 1.6 million witnesses have been registered to attend one of the 100 public demonstrations that he plans to have take place across the United States and Canada. These demonstrations will occur as one, massive, nationwide, simultaneous event.  To understand all the reasons why Dennis is proceeding in this manner, you will want to read the essay entitled, The Plan To Revolutionize Electricity Production In America.
The Hummingbird/Sundance generator is designed to produce 30 kilowatts (kW) of electricity per hour. Under the new Electricity Deregulation laws we would be able to make money selling this power to the electric utility companies. In order to do this, however, we need access to the grid. This is where you come in. Assuming we can advance our technology in the market place, we will give you 26,000 kW of electricity per year in exchange for allowing us to install a unit at your home so we can get the grid access needed to sell our power. 26,000 kW of electricity per year breaks down to about 3 kW per hour, which is 50% more than the national average. Depending upon how much electricity you use and what you are currently paying for it, 26,000 kW of electricity per year could be worth $1,000 to $3,000 in savings each and every year!
Our Plan
We plan to release the technology as soon as we are able to reach our goal of registering 1.6 million people into the Free Electricity Program. At that point we plan to demonstrate the technology at over a hundred different locations across the United States and Canada. In order to qualify for free electricity, you must be preregistered into the program and attend one of the public demonstrations in your area or send a representative. Those who witness these demonstrations will have absolutely no doubt that our technology works. After these initial demonstrations take place, we plan to put a generator on the home of each person that has been registered. We will pay for the generators to be manufactured, shipped, installed, and maintained. The equipment will be owned by our company and will be installed in the order in which people are registered.
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