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The One People’s Public Trust : Face book Site : Web site : Blog Site : If you have not followed : I suggest you reconsider : Free at Last : All you need to know about Foreclosure of the Banksters and Cease and Desist orders of All most every Corporation

On December the 25th The biggest and best Xmas present was delivered to our mail boxes reavealing the Documents that would seal the fate of the Cabal.

Heather Tucci-Jarraf and her lawyer colleagues in top positions of Authority, Burst on to the scenes with 2 years of research and negotiations with Banksters Rothschilds ,You name it, All major Corporations and drew up the basis of foreclosure and ceast and disist orders For any Corporations that did not recognize Beings to BE Human Beings under The Common Law Principles, Hence  slavery . “Do unto to others as you wish them do unto you “

In Taking the entire globe back to when there where no Rules Heather and the team Take back the rule book to a time called PRIME, where the new frame work becomes Unrebuttable Therefore Unrebutted.

Hence Law of the New Golden Age.

Here are all the links I can find about TOPPT: Please take your time To sift Through the documentation of our New world.

“The New Golden Age” .


These documents need to be scrutinized by teams of lawyers and entered into Court rooms all over the globe for all manner of reasons.

Here is a nice spiritual and musical interlude.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W35Pl9YEnsw?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Ok back to reality Here are all Kauilapele Links rounded off to one page ;

Contact Info

General questions: topptquestions@gmail.com


Discussion Groups and Related Sites

Updated Documents

Please ask to Join here Their facebook site Free at last, be open and ask for advice on specifics:


Their Blog Site :


Related sites:

The American kabuki Web site : Great site for the latest discussions with TOPPT and global happenings : http://americankabuki.blogspot.com.au/

Ditto : Kauilapele Site :

http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/ All the latest Discussions from All the Team At TOPPT :

at Removing the shackles :


Other like minded sites:



What is Going on in the world best News Sites :






http://the-tap.blogspot.com/ Simply the best news stories.





I hope this helps , Remember Just 12 months ago a lot of these websites where unknown to us.

There are more than you can shake a stick at.




Phil Schneider : His Full Report for the first Time : DUMBS BASES : Black ops : Alien Fights : Mach 2 Trains : Hyper sonic craft : The details of His Contact Fight and killing of Grey Aliens : All of his fellow workers in Black Ops are now Killed :


Hope Girl ; Fix The World Project : PDF of New Business Plan : Conjoining with OPPT : In Two WEEKS : Here we go :


  1. Peace Warrior

    Awesome page! Thank You!

  2. Peace Warrior

    Great to meet you as well, Dave! I’m really enjoying this entire process, seeing more and more people waking up!

    • I agree and even in the street Tony it has become easier to speak at a higher level on all of the dark subjects without tha old humiliation , however i cannot got over joyed as the dark are still operating so our guard is intact and should remain so, There fore just at the moment I cannot share the elation of OPPT but i like the generator effect which does power house the light with in us, may be it is because i cannot see it just yet, and maybe because I have not got 2 pennies to rub together and will get thrown out soon. Do you know I had an offer of job yesterday and did not have the fiar to d=go check it out how sad is that? ,,It creates my negativity , but i know we have won, it is the timing that is holding me back that slows my progress,,if you understand, Dave

      • Peace Warrior

        I fully agree with you Dave, as we have to use much discernment, since the ptw are pulling out of their stinky, rotting bags every trick they can to throw us into chaos, confusion and division, but I feel they no longer have power over us, and are no longer able deceive us.

        Regarding the job offer, I fully understand, as your HEART will gravitate towards what you are fully aligned and resonate with.

        My objective is to work on projects to heal the planet, and that is truly what I feel passionate about. My intent is to put that out in the UNIVERSE, and to allow it to manifest in my life, in the most perfect way, for the good of ALL.


        Big Hugs,


      • Have you checked out my healing and spiritual tabs at the top 3 tabs on my site Human design and Germen New medicine ?

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