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Phil Schneider : His Full Report for the first Time : DUMBS BASES : Black ops : Alien Fights : Mach 2 Trains : Hyper sonic craft : The details of His Contact Fight and killing of Grey Aliens : All of his fellow workers in Black Ops are now Killed :

If you know any one who does not get the Alien Cover up,Than just ask them in Memory Of Phil Schneider Who was In  faght with Grey aliens and Killed 2 of them having beeing shot by a laser from the Greys. This Man is the most courageous man in the world. He says there are more coming. We are going to kick the Parasites out. Phil Schnieder Your the man.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xedmfAgx8eg?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]


Chris Story Lives on : The Tap Blog : At Last : We Found It : More of the Highest Intel On : Government Crimes : False Flags : Pedophilia : Royalty : Rigged Sports : and Rigged Druggings and Killings:


The One People’s Public Trust : Face book Site : Web site : Blog Site : If you have not followed : I suggest you reconsider : Free at Last : All you need to know about Foreclosure of the Banksters and Cease and Desist orders of All most every Corporation


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