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Teams of Astronomers Dying or being killed : Now Scientists Too: Suspicions fall on New age activism and Proffessional exposure to Free energy, Anti gravity, Time travel and Curing Cancer and Illnesses: More reason to act Now and BE DOing with OPPT

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Sg41GIUV2g?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

And thanks to Martin Kruelin in SXM in finding more back up in this


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsjunXFTjnQ?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Plus added this year by Steve Quayle & Alfred Lambremont Webre Teams of scientist are being killed too here :

Dead 2013

#120 Melissa Ketunuti, – died January 2013 – Firefighters find charred body of murdered pediatrician who was hog-tied, strangled and set on fire in her basement

Dr. Kentunuti worked at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and dedicated her whole life to being a doctor and helping kids with cancer. According to the Philadelphia   Inquirer, she earned a doctorate in medicine from Stanford University   and had initially considered working as a surgeon internationally.

She worked on an AIDS research fellowship in   Botswana through the National Institutes of Health. She also completed   internships at Johns Hopkins Hospital and New York University.

Dead 2012

#119 Professor Dr. Richard Crowe, 60, died May 27 in an off-road accident in Arizona. Dr. Crowe came to UH Hilo 25 years ago and helped launch the University’s undergraduate astronomy program. is numerous publications and co-authored works added significantly to the body of astronomical literature. He regularly trained UHH student observers with the UH 24-inch telescope on Mauna Kea, and conducted many research programs on that telescope. In 2005, he won the AstroDay Excellence in Teaching Award for his efforts. In 1991, Dr. Crowe was selected as a Fujio Matsuda Research Fellow for his scholarly work on pulsating variable stars. Crowe was also active in the community. He was a longtime member of the Rotary Club of Hilo Bay.


#118 Gelareh Bagherzadeh, died Jan. 17, when she was shot outside her home, Detectives investigating the murder   of an Iranian molecular scientist gunned down in her car as she drove   home believe she was followed or that someone was waiting for her.   Bagherzadeh was struck by a single bullet that entered the passenger   door window as she talked on her cell phone with her ex-boyfriend.   Bagherzadeh was a molecular genetic technology student at M.D. Anderson   Cancer Center in Houston and also active in promoting Iranian women’s   rights.

Dead 2011

#117 James S. Miller, 58, as a result of being attacked during a home invasion. Professor James Steven Miller came to Goshen   College to teach in 1980, the same year he completed his doctorate   degree in medical biochemistry at Ohio State University. He received his   undergraduate degree in chemistry in 1975 from Bluffton (Ohio)   University. The Goshen College Board of Directors granted Professor   Miller tenure in June 1985. He primarily taught upper-level courses   taken by students in nursing, pre-medical and other health-related   tracks.

Full list of 120 Here:



Can any one add anymore recently  ?

Namaste Dave


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  1. Check out Cara st Louis Farrelly’s “Crosswalk” – the fictionalised account of her mother’s suspicious geoengineering-related end.

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