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OPPT : Questions To Heather and Caleb : We have joined the Questions section here at Lightworkers SXM : Please pose your questions and see the updated news from OPPT: anD ITCCS : Citizens Arrest attempt on Police On film:

We have joined the Qu Group of OPPT and have some questions for OPPT and we expect answers back imminently.

If you too have a question please post in the comments box of this post and I will convey them and your answers back to you from Heather and the gang :

Here is a question from Dr Darko Valcek just to give you an idea of what you may post:

Heather Caleb and the gang I have a very good question by one of our followers Dr Darko Valcek who is currently formulating your papers into a passport version of UCC. IE: He is on his boat in the Caribbean and is very jealous of the birds and the Jelly fish. You see they do not appear to have to show documentation as they crawl up the beaches or fly over land, This really pisses him off . He thinks that he has his own boat and that he is inter Islands right now, however every Island he goes to He has to have his boat searched and then sit in a queue and answer stupid questions from so called authorities like ” what are you here for?” If tax payers are paying big bucks for idiot questions like this then he would rather his own passport and cut out all the crap. Have you any advice for them as they go Island galavanting I am sure they have a point but they would not necessaririly like to be subjected to arrest every time they cross into the boundary of a supposed Islands perimeter invisible wall in the sea? He is currently prepared to go to every place and go through the listening and waiting process So any advice to him and we have an island of 20,000 boats here and this could cause a human tsunami if we can get through just one corporate port , Love to hear your comments Dave Stewart Lightworkersxm.

Here is some news : 

1) Spanish Translation now has begun on OPPT & UCC filings,  CVAC’s and Courtesy Notices SPANISH SPEAKING WORLD BE READY TO MAKE VIRAL : Esperamos Fuegos Artificliales despues. Stand by for the results to be made available here and at OPPT:

2) Any one wishing to join the team in  translations then do so by joining here : http://oppt-in.com/volunteer/

3) Any one wishing to know which group to join here is the current list of OPPT sites and contacts and differnt arms : http://oppt-in.com/resources/

4) The new site well worth joining is the Free at last Facebook site where you can be embroiled in light and freedom, Please have your best bib and tucker on here as the girls and guys are really onto the case and will answer all your questions or guide you to the place you request or simply smother you in freedom and light. http://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeAtLastDiscussion/

5) The biggest news of the day is at ITCCS Canadian attempts Citizens arrest of Royal Canadian Mounted Police chief wanted by ITCCS on Genocide and cover up of Genocide charges and does so on Camera Here :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f2YOuginWU?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]


The Russell Brand Show : Special Guests : David Icke : Noel Gallagher : Brilliant : Funny too : Please enjoy the Banter : Plus many many truths :


Some Light entertainment for you : Africa performedby Perpetuum Jaazille : Slovenia : Outstanding performance :We can create thunder and lightening when we are all one


  1. I see a lot of negativity along the way as well as positive. I try not indulge in negative sites that r somehow keeping u updated but at the same time advertizing their agenda. And yes it concerns me top ppl (websites) r still not mentioning OPPT. Many countries and ppl know. But what’s up with all this. getting America ready for fema, ect… they r up and running? OK, and they r spraying the sky like crazy. We r focused on OPPT and England and Canada, which we should be, but what about US and other countries? This is world wide genocide we r dealing with here. Thanks for ur time, much luv.

  2. rich

    The “World Government of World Citizens” issues passports for “World Citizens”. Some countries accept them as valid passports. They’re a lot easier and cheaper than government issued passports. Check out http://www.worldservice.org/

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