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International Arrest Warrant : Pope Frances 1st : Jorge Mario Bergiglio : Issued 15th March 2013 : For Crimes Against Humanity and Child Trafficking : Apppeal to Italians and Argentinians : You are empowerd to apprehend the New Pontiff : Warrant Documents Attached

Breaking News: International Arrest Warrant issued against Pope Francis I, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, for Crimes against Humanity and Child Trafficking – Italians and others are empowered to apprehend the new Pontiff – download attached Warrant

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Breaking News from ITCCS Central: Friday, March 15, 2013 (The Ides of March)

International Arrest Warrant issued against Pope Francis I, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, for Crimes against Humanity and Child Trafficking Italians and others are empowered to apprehend the new Pontiff


The same Common Law Court that tried and sentenced his predecessor and other church and state officials has today issued an Arrest Warrant against the first Jesuit Pope in history, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

A signed and sealed copy of the Warrant is attached, and the text follows.

The Argentinian prelate assumed criminal liability and became subject to immediate arrest by occupying the Papal seat in the wake of the conviction of the Vatican as a criminal organization on February 25, 2013.

Bergoglio’s role in the death of Argentinian citizens during that country’s “Dirty War” and in the trafficking of the children of political prisoners also compelled the International Common Law Court of Justice to issue the Warrant today, which is one year in duration.

Italian and Argentinian citizens, and any man or woman, are authorized by the Warrant to be involved in Bergoglio’s public detaining.

“The Pope is the head of a predatory power that is waging an undeclared, centuries-old war against the entire non-Catholic world” commented ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett today in Vancouver, where he delivered a copy of the Arrest Warrant to the Catholic Archdiocese office.

“Since we and our children are being assaulted by a corporation that is a law unto itself, we have the right to defend ourselves and detain or stop altogether those responsible, as in any war”.

A Public Proclamation is being read out in twenty eight countries this week by ITCCS members, publicly banning those church and state officials who cannot be immediately arrested under these Warrants.

Citizens are encouraged to download and use the attached Warrant.

Stay posted to www.itccs.org for further developments.

Issued by ITCCS Central Office
15 March, 2013


(Date Received)

The International Common Law Court of Justice                   
 A Lawful Judicial Body constituted under Common Law and The Law of Nations 
 (Symbol of Court)
                International Citizens’ Arrest Warrant                         In the Matter of Crimes against Humanity and Child Trafficking

A Warrant for his Immediate Arrest for questioning and trial is hereby issued to and against Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka “Pope Francis I”, regarding his complicity in Crimes against Humanity and Child Trafficking as a culpable individual and as Head Officer of a convicted criminal organization known as The Vatican.

Name of Issuing Magistrate or Court Officer

Date Issued

(signed and dated in the original)

This Warrant is issued on the Fifteenth Day of March in the year 2013. It is valid for a period not exceeding one year, and is effective until March 15, 2014

(Official Common Law Court stamp)

ICLCJ Warrant 002 – 31513

To: The Common Law Peace Officers and other Agents of this Court, and To all Citizens of Italy, Argentina and other countries

You are hereby authorized and instructed to arrest Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka “Pope Francis I”. You will disregard any claims of immunity or privilege by him or his agents. You will bring Jorge Mario Bergoglio forthwith to the nearest Public Reclamation Facility to stand trial for Crimes against Humanity and Child Trafficking, as a culpable individual and as the responsible head officer of a convicted criminal organization known as The Vatican.

Certified by G. Dufort, Clerk of the Court
(signed in the original)

Entered and Registered Friday, March 15, 2013
ICLCJ Central Office – Brussels

(Official Stamp of the Court)

Emails : ITCCS  http://itccs.org/
Email Writer lightworkersxm@gmail.com
Kevin Annett to arrange meeting with Beppe Grillo and 5 Star Movement : “Kevin A” <hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com>,
Spanish and Other translations : http://www.vaticancrimes.us/


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”Chiamata a tutto il Popolo Italiano e Argentino, Per favore utilizzare i documenti Forniti per Arrestare il Nuovo Papa per genocidio di 30,000 Bambini in Argentina: Inoltre vedete che questo messaggio arriva sulla scrivania di Beppe Grillo.”


  1. The wheels are coming off. No place to hide anymore, the truth is out there for all to see. All done in secret in the past has come out to bite them now in the present.

  2. barbara

    Hello, ,also i have sent the press to Beppe Grillo and All the new 5 star Party Movement members ,Namaste and thanks for your work.

    • Barbara Any chance that we can chat today and share an update ? I am Speaking to Kevin Annett today and would like to cross information please as like wis I am speaking to 5 membrs of the 5 star movimiento today as well Namaste Dave See me on Facebook Dave Stewart

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