Brilliant video from Caroline Markolin.

Take your own health back and deal with your own cancer with your own Confidence:


Make some notes :

1) Are you Biologically left handed or Right handed” IE: do the clap test :

2) Test your hand warmth with shaking hands with a friend ( Warm is healing active phase ) Cold is Conflict active phase :

3) Find out which conflict you have endured which created your breast cancer, a) nest conflict b) friend conflict c) self devaluation conflict.

4) Which breast and which type of cancer and where is the tumour ; Milk Ducts or Milk Glands :

5) Be assured your cancer will not and cannot kill you, in any way what so ever :

6) Be confident with the knowledge of German New Medicine : This is your cure:

7) How much are you worrying over your cancer : AIM to get good nights rest and stop worrying over your cancer:

8) Check your protein in your diet, and get support form others around you that you are going to cure this  naturally.

9) Lose all contact with your inner self with fear and panic:

Consult our very own Natural Healing Doctor Dr Darko Valcek on line by going here and down load his book,

” Owners manual for the Human Body” : here ;

Enjoy your cancer : it is a miracle and treat it that way:

Spiritually Biologically and Mentally:

Your well on the way to regain your own health and no dependance on traditional corporate false diagnosis:

Don’t fall for the cancer scam in traditional medicine, Please

Namaste Dave