MIP Peru.

A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

Bizarre : Girls go for walk on Motorway central reservation : Then leap into traffic : Badly bruised they join the police : then run under a 40 tonner’s wheel : and run off again : M K Ultra? Just what are these people made of?

For once:  I have not even got a category for this stuff :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggWOkor8t8s?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]


Chocolate cake : Totally Sugar Free : and Totally Delicious : Healthy food for modern day ‘awake and aware’ healthy people ” Brain food for the brainy


False Flag Time : Time is ripe and Putin and Castro Think so : Financial collapse and 180 Countries join ranks against the G5 war mongerers : Perfect timing to hide all multitude of headlines that keep coming :


  1. Aliens are with us.

  2. Bath salts do that.

  3. Who was the wise chappie who said “truth is sometimes stranger than fiction”

    I will try bath salts and post the results here.

  4. Just to avoid a hell of a smash up, should I drink or bath in the bath salts to have the required effect?
    I wouldn’t want to be flatten by a 18 wheeler.

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