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HAARP SBX1 : Mobile Sea Based Radar Weather Weapon in place to shake the ground off North Korea : Expect a false flag in North Korea any time soon : Weather is the weapon of choice : Please look at these Giant HAARP WAR Rigs :


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp0Z1EafiWs?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

It has been used in many Hurricanes and many recent ( 10 years)  major political earthquakes See here :




Sofia Smallstrom : Chemtrails : How they are killing off the birds the trees and you : Transhumanship : sold eloquently but is this the real deal : or is it an auterior motive ??


Benjamin Fulford : 8th April 2013 : North Korea Nonsense is cabal Nonsensicle: The Public sees the hysterical attempts unfold: As Gold forces desperate Oligarchy moves in Asia to save The Doomed Goldman Sachs : Japan & Korea is a major player : China Russia and others will not budge to stop Obama’s forfeit games :


  1. rockyplants

    We will see, soon. Gib Hayes-repost- Unusual happenings here today, Usually 1-2 military craft in area weekly. This AM sounded like I woke up next to Vandenburg. Numerous Hi performance craft took off from our” small” airport. Mahlon Sweet airport, Eugene, Oregon. Refueling, on their way to re-station in Puget Sound area??

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