Check the link here below if this is of interest to you.

A monthly $10 fee (after an initial 10 day free trial) is all it will cost you, as I said,

IF this is of interest to you.

According to David : . . . . . . .

No lying. No censorship. No restrictions. No agenda — except to help transform your life, by sharing the strongest wisdom teachings I can provide.

I have already begun releasing some of my best material in this show — material which, up until now, was only accessible at my all-weekend events.

The cost, per month, is significantly less expensive than anything else I offer — at $9.99 — and you start out with a 10-day free trial, with unlimited access to everything.

Every country in the world can access this program.

The image quality is HD — significantly better than YouTube.

If you are a Mac user and have trouble installing Silverlight, you can default to Flash.

D Wilcock

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