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Italian Court Judge drops Bombshell : All Terrorist atrocisties are caused by Bildeberg secret meetings Group : Says Italian Judge Ferdinando Imposimato : ADDS : The Bilderberg Group in conspiring with the far right organization Ordine Nuovo to commit terror attacks.

Court President Drops Bombshell!

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

Shocking information coming out of Italy today confirms much of what the so-called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ have known for a long time, there is a secretive ‘Big Brother’ body behind much of the violence in Europe (and America!) including terrorist attacks and assassination attempts as well. This ‘shocking’ story is brought to us by Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars; the following testimony alone should give everyone a cause for alarm:

“You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game,” Vinciguerra explained in sworn testimony.

“The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened,” he added.

This story from Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars confirms much of the knowledge already known by millions of Americans, Bilderberg (and their agents of terror) are one evil group and they MUST be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Paul Joseph Watson

April 11, 2013

Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy and former Senior Investigative Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, the man who prosecuted the case involving the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II, has sensationally accused the Bilderberg Group of being behind terrorist attacks in Europe.

In an interview with the ArticoloTre website, Imposimato, who was also involved in the case involving the kidnapping and murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, said that he “found a document that left me appalled” implicating the Bilderberg Group in conspiring with the far right organization Ordine Nuovo to commit terror attacks.

Speaking of unsolved murders in Italy and the document in his possession, Imposimato stated, “When it comes to slaughter it also speaks of the Bilderberg Group. I believe this document. I did some tests and I can say that behind the strategy of tension and the slaughters there is also the Bilderberg group, a sort of Big Brother is over, maneuvering, using terrorists and Masons.”

Anyone who thinks that this ‘reign of terror’ by Bilderberg and their secretive groups is over only needs to watch the Infowars.com video below, which explains Operation Gladio and how the Cold War ‘black op’ continues today.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU0fxLS0BSQ]



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  1. William Tolp

    Please fix the incorrect spelling in the title of the article. That does further damage to the story, even though there is now a good source and evidence for it. The word should be “atrocities”, not “autrocities”.

    • Thanks William ,i am not a journalist and my keyboard has missing letters ,,Yes I know ,, Excuses excuses ,,As requested fixed Namaste Dave

  2. timoteomcc

    atrocities and Bilderberg

  3. lulu

    atrocities not atrocisties

  4. The Khazarian Zionists (fake-Jewish banksters, the ‘zi’ in Nazi) perpetually wage their secret, eternal War On All Humanity (WOAH) with every imaginable covert weapon to dumb-down, sicken, confuse, alienate, fraudulently indebt and foreclose, dispossess, unemploy, impoverish, divide, conquer, enslave and exterminate Us. But, We don’t even know there’s a war going on. They’re Humanity’s only real threat and Mankind’s only true enemy. In their 1933 Emergency Banking “Relief” Act they called the American People “ENEMY COMBATANTS,” Life will be like paradise without these few elite psychopaths.

    Their plan will continue and succeed, if We don’t publicly define the true will of the People for all to know.

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