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POOFNESS : 13th April 2013 : This coded message is clear : See freedom in your own eyes and hearts : Wait until you clearly see the whites of their eyes : Putting the T’s on the new financial system as we speak : Nobody spends until everyone can spend :

Greetings and Salutations,

Let’s not get confused, oh yea, you’re getting funds and you will do what’s in your hearts to do. Stuff needs fixed around here. That’s as plain as the nose on your face. Along with that liberation to do as you choose, comes those who are frightened half to death of no longer being able to keep you in check. Of finding themselves unneeded. There was much activity on the re-val of currencies this past week, the question is, what of the public? Will they finally allow the public in on it? Will we see it on forex monday? I’ve heard all the ‘happy talk’. I say ‘don’t move until you see the whites of their eyes’. Much is afoot but, fear still has great strength in this world and that’s ruling the ‘moment’. Things can change in an instant. The question still comes down to the regular people, nobody spends until the little people can. We can thank former justice Sarah Day O’Conner for that caveat. The people that need the help most.

More paper work is being finalized at this moment, this new banking is a reality about to manifest. And more secure, than the fed system ever was. When value is reattached to something of worth for everybody, then equity across the board is the results for everybody. What’s the problem with that? There is no feasible argument can be made against liberating people…unless you have control issues. My time of freedom from what I’ve been doing is ‘here’ and it’s not because somebody told me. It’s a gut thing, I feel it just like many of you. My attention is quickly being turned from this part of what I’ve being to turning this planet back to her course to liberty and beauty. Never mind all the bad lids in the back of the lot, time to turn our back on them and walk away. That’s Freedom, the real stuff, not some politician’s version he has written on a piece of paper he spouts out during the sunday talk shows.

Onward and upward, lets see what happens this evening and see if the ‘happy talk’ has any merits. As Yogi Berra used to say, ‘it’s not over til it’s over’. Consultations until….the moment….

Love and Kisses,



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