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Kerry Cassidy : The Release of SIRIUS : Steve Bassetts Citizen’s hearing end of week : Is this a controled disclosure by the Cabal?? : You evaluate and be Judge : Be aware of the facts and links to North Korea and Boston ET AL :

Kerry Cassidy

As many people already know, the Greer movie, SIRIUS is premiering in Los Angeles on Monday night. What I am told is that he will be appearing there in person to reveal the results of DNA tests on the 8 inch ET body that was found in the desert.

What is particularly interesting is that this premiere and Steven Basset’s Citizen Hearing for Disclosure at the Press Club in Washington DC is also happening less than a week later, from April 29th to May 3rd.

Two disclosure events in such a short span of time is no coincidence. However, one has to ask whether this is the beginning of a controlled campaign for disclosure being spun with a certain hidden hand in the background. I am being told by back channel sources that releasing some disclosure type information at this time is becoming more crucial for those in power because of upcoming events. What those ‘events’ are is not clear although there has been some indication by people like Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veteran’s Today who has been clearly tasked by someone (some intel group) with disclosing in a steady stream over the past year.

I was told there’s a kind of rush (ala hurry up and wait) that the PTB are involved in. Mainly because various factions are competing for one, control, and two, for being in the lead on the final release of the fact that ‘we are not alone and we have never been alone’ to quote Bob Dean, to the public.

At the forefront of those factions wanting to control and ‘spin’ the disclosure of the ET presence is the Vatican.

By the way, the latest rendition of the scanners at airports now replacing the old style invasive TSA scanners are said to be put in place to determine whether those going through are ‘human’. Word is, that the earlier version did the same however, certain changes in cloaking on the part of the ‘visitors’ necessitated changes… an upgrade in the tech used for detection. You didn’t think they were replacing the originals because of ‘protest’ and health concerns did you?

And while we are on the subject. The recent movie OBLIVION with Tom Cruise has an important statement worth contemplating which suggests that the “invasion” won’t happen until after the earth changes escalate.


In keeping with the tradition of seeding movies with advance notice to humanity of what the PTB have in store for them.. the time between advance ‘notice’ and release of their diabolical agenda items is shortening.

For example with OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, Americans are put on notice that North Korean’s will attempt to invade and take down the White House just days before Kim Jong-un made his threats…

And of course, the Boston Marathon bombers (manchurian candidates Chechnyen style) are now being said to be double-agents… see this article posted on Prison Planet, but originally published by DEBKAfile for more on this.


“…a) At what date did the Tsarnaev brothers turn coat and decide to work for Caucasian Wahhabi networks?b) Did they round up recruits for those networks in the United States – particularly, among the Caucasian and Saudi communities?

c) What was the exact purpose of the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath at MIT in Watertown?

d) Are any more terrorist attacks in the works in other American cities?”

Even this list of questions from the DEBKAfile article begins to look like the seeding of info to shape a desired result and set the scene for an escalation of targeting of the American people. Agenda item better known as ‘take down America the last bastion of freedom from the NWO’ in my view. Yes, I know, this place is anything but ‘free’ in light of the Patriot act and so on however it’s the spirit of the people that has them worried, still. The rebel without a cause spirit in America may be our last hope….

This ‘attack America’ stance being laid down by both government and Rothschild run operations is escalating.

Be aware that it was no accident that ‘operation Watertown’ transpired on the celebration of ‘Patriots Day’…


The American uprising against British authority in Lexington, Massachusetts, was on April 19, 1775, but Patriots Day is celebrated on the third Monday in April, falling this year on April 15.“It’s a day that celebrates the free and fiercely independent spirit that this great American city of Boston has reflected from the earliest days of our nation,” President Obama said Monday, a few hours after a pair of bombs rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing at least three and injuring dozens more.

Read more: http://www.wpbf.com/news/nationalnews/Boston-bombing-Latest-Patriots-Day-tragedy/-/8788944/19762982/-/o5wgv8/-/index.html#ixzz2RBML5Vxl

This is also in keeping with the Sandy Hook tragedy that has direct links to the banking industry and the behind the scenes movement of major funds hidden under the cover of that inside operation. [see my prior article on Sandy Hook for more on this].

This has to do with what the NWO has to deal with in order to count their game of takedown America a success… laying a trail of ritual sacrifice from Aurora to Sandy Hook to Benghazi to Watertown… follow the dots and note the hidden war being played at the highest levels where rebellious America is being brought to heel by the Rothschild banking cartels.

Everyone will have already heard about the episode of Family Guy where this event was foreshadowed…and the many seedings in advance of the actual incident where it would appear that the AI running the show has gotten ahead of itself, and spiraled out of control until it announces the incidents before they occur… emphasizing the weird time warp we are currently living in.

Of course the links to Islamic Jihad and the Saudis is strangely reminiscent of 911 and looks like there is also an effort to steer us into war in the Middle East much like what happened after 911…even though all of that was planted and had nothing to do with terrorism. What we are facing is a build up to allow for government sponsored terrorism to create a climate in which they can spur the American people to get into another war against a contrived Middle Eastern enemy…

So where does this end or go next? Indications that the renewed gun controls will of course be expanded and the set up continues…

Setting the scene for a false alien invasion requires people to believe that ‘aliens are real’ and therefore we have a CIA sponsored roll-out for disclosure of a sort that then allows for a real invasion that is actually been going on for sometime now.

Just a side note that if we are being invaded by 8 inch aliens that keeping our guns might be advisable if only to defend ones family LOL….

Meanwhile, back here at home on American soil the trail of blood leads in the direction of war… in order to get the Chinese entangled in the Middle East and by way of Syria, to Iran.

Lastly, after the ‘fall of Olympus’ comes the apocalyptic decimation of the planet by way of an asteroid which hits the moon or uh, Mars (like what I am being told) resulting in advanced Earth changes where upon the ‘invasion’ by the AI network can begin in earnest. Keeping in mind along the lines of foreshadowing… with OBLIVION and the upcoming Will Smith movie AFTER EARTH, in which their spaceship lands on a hostile planet called Earth… after the apocalypse where it has become a place HOSTILE TO HUMANS…

Stepping back to view the clues… When we expose the pre-meditated nature of their crimes against humanity we take the wind out of their sails and place you in a position to rethink the future. Stay awake and aware.

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SIRIUS : For People who cannot afford it : Stop what you are doing : watch now : This site is for poor people Who cannot afford to Lightwork : Just like the writer :




Try to download here : http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/8401823/Sirius_%5BWEBRIP%5D_%5Bnot_perfect_audio_sync%5D_%5Bufo__alien%5D

Updated Thursday afternoon Caribbean time:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WgfS_MMdRQ?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]



The Ubuntu Party : Michael Tellinger : Read This : How to deal with the Foreclosure Sherrif : Issuance instructions for a Promissory notice : Blank Attached for copy : Many tips here for practical applications

How to deal with the Sheriff of The Court


Added on the 25th April 2013 How to deal with th Lawyer and Bank manager here : 


Back to Sherriff of the court information :

From the Desk of Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu Party in co-operation with Ubuntu USA:
How to deal with the Sheriff of The Court Protect your property – know your rights – stand your ground Every day millions of people around the world are deprived of their property when a Sheriff of the court, or a Court Bailiff, or other, arrives at their home and begins to remove or attach their property – in most cases unexpectedly and also unlawfully.But because our laws were not written to benefit people, but to rather uphold the rights of the corporations, the average person does not know what to say or what their rights are to prevent their property from being taken against their will.

The business of a Sheriff is not an ordinary private business or private enterprise. While they do operate as a business, they are heavily regulated and tightly governed by statute law – this works in favor of the people if they know what to say.

This document outlines what has come to our attention as the legal and lawful rights of all people, and what seems to be legal loophole in the system for our benefit – to pay the sheriff with a lawful PROMISSORY Note, drawn up by you and endorsed by you – when he/she arrives on your doorstep unexpectedly.

Such situations are highly stressful and people panic and go into shock and forget their own rights or how to respond. So please pay careful attention and memorize this information – it has to come naturally to you so that you do not panic and stumble on your words when facing a sheriff.
There is nothing to be afraid of – just having the courage to know your rights and how to stand your ground. Knowledge is power – use it for your own benefit.

If this does not make sense to you, then you need to understand two things:
1.    You need to understand how the money and banking system works outside the scope of this document; and
2.    A Promissory Note is defined as “incorporeal property” and lawful means of payment in most countries of the world; and
3.    Accept that to a certain degree at least, this is a legal loophole that we can use to the benefit of the people against the draconian and unlawful activities of the banks and government.

In South Africa, the settlement of a debt using ‘incorporeal property’ is, prescribed among other places, in the High Court Rules of South Africa as follows: (Click here to see use of promissory notes in the United States and Internationally)

Rule 45 (8) If incorporeal property, whether movable or immovable, is available forattachment, it may be attached without the necessity of a prior application to courtin the manner hereinafter provided:

(a)    Where the property or right to be attached is a lease or a bill of exchange, promissory note, bond or other security for the payment of money, the attachment shall be complete only when-

(i) notice has been given by the sheriff to the lessor and lessee,mortgagor and mortgagee or person liable on the bill of exchange or promissory note or security as the case may be, and
(ii) the sheriff shall have taken possession of the writing (if any) evidencing the lease, or of the bill of exchange or promissory note, bond or other security as the case may be, and

We have it on record from a hearing in the South Gauteng High Court, in the matter between STD Bank vs Tellinger, that the banks accept payment in Bills of Exchange AND Promissory Notes. The attached promissory note is compiled from its relevant definitions in the South African Bills of Exchange Act – see attachment.

NOTICE: This form of payment should only be used for banks – not to pay other people or small companies. They do not know what to do with such a form of payment – banks do. It is therefore our opinion that you can use a Promissory Note, drawn up by you, to pay the Sheriff because it is a payment is to the Bank. You should not use this method for the settlement of non-bank debts.

The Sheriff has his instructions and must follow strict legal guidelines. He is not a legal expert especially on the issue of promissory notes and Bills of Exchange – therefore it is not his place to enter into an argument with you about the merits of the form of payment. You have to stand your ground on this point. If the Sheriff does not accept your payment, then he must complete a Return of Service sheet to return to the bank’s attorneys and furnish you with you a copy.

Here is the sequence of events that the Ubuntu Party recommends. You have been conditioned to be terrified of a Sheriff or other persons of authority. Please study this and try to feel comfortable with all this information so that it is easy to remember what to do. Do not panic – do not be afraid.

Have the following handy:
·    A piece of paper and a pen,
·    A small black book that you can purchase from any stationary store,
·    Print out the attached promissory note with your details and serial number on it – have a few ready in your home in a place that you can find easily .
·    If you are able (not critical) record or film the entire conversation with a camera, cell phone or recording device.

Sequence of events:

1)    The Sheriff arrives and will most likely introduce himself as being “from the Sheriff’s office.” This is not good enough.

2)    Ask him/her for ID – do not let them onto the property without ID that states he/she is a Sheriff of the Court. Best is to stop them at the gate or door. Copy all relevant details down onto the piece of paper. Don’t rush. Take your time and be thorough.

3)    Demand a copy of the “writ of attachment” or “execution” or “valuation” – take a good look at it and make sure it is what he says it is. Again, take your time. Look for anything out of the ordinary (incorrect dates, pages not signed, etc.)

4)    Look for the total amount written on his documents – but don’t comment or mention anything at this stage.

5)    Say the following: I am willing and able to dispense with payment immediately, please wait here while I get it.

6)    Fetch your blank Promissory Note (attached) and “black book” to write the details of the NOTE in.

7)    Ask the Sheriff for the “all total”.  Say to him: “What is the ‘all total – or full and final settlement to dispose of this matter?”

8)    The “all total” is the full amount including costs; interest; fees; sheriff’s costs; attorney costs, and any other fees that may have been approved by the tax master.

9)    The sheriff will most likely make a call to the lawyers for the “all total.”

10)    Get the total amount from the Sheriff and fill in the Promissory Note.

11)    If sheriff asks what you are doing, say, “I am tendering payment, please be patient.”

12)    If he continues to ask what you are tendering, say: “I am settling this with a Promissory Note – it’s something like a check, but a Promissory Note is guaranteed because it is a liquid negotiable instrument. Kindly check High Court Rule 48 (8) (a) under ‘incorporeal property’ for confirmation.

13)    Do not be scared to sound like a robot or if you sound funny reading it out loud. The performance of a Sheriff is robotic in itself, so do not worry about how you sound.

14)    In your “black book,” fill in the details of your Promissory Note, the same way that you would fill in a check stub for your records. Date – Amount – To whom – Serial number of your promissory note.

15)    Then you sign below the information and hand the book to the sheriff to sign – do this rapidly, saying, “Please just sign here,” and hand him the pen. Urge him to sign.

16)    Hand him the Promissory Note only after he has signed the black book.

17)    If he signs the book, the matter is closed and he has accepted your payment. He now has to file a Return of Service stating that he received payment of ……….. Rand/Dollars/etc – and he has to leave your premises.

18)    Demand a copy of the Sheriff’s Return of Service document, that clearly shows that a payment of …xxx…rand/dollars was received from you.

19)    The bank has three days to challenge or refuse your payment by means of a special petition. If they do not petition within 3 days the matter is settled. The Sheriff cannot come back with the same summons.

20)    The bank will have to start a whole new legal action against you with a new summons.

21)    If he refuses to sign and obstructs the process, repeat to him that you are attempting to settle the full amount or the “all total” and that he is obstructing you to do so. Say, “I hereby state for the record that I am attempting to settle the all total with a lawful payment via my Promissory Note and you are obstructing me and preventing me from doing so.”

22)    Continue: “The payment is made in terms of the Bills of Exchange Act 34 of 1964 as amended by Act 56 of 2000;  and it is also a settlement in full as specified in terms of High Court Rule 45(8)(a).”

23)    If sheriff continues to be difficult not understanding what you are doing and wanting to proceed with his normal routine of attachment, tell him the following.

24)    “I have tendered your full payment of  ..xxx… rand/dollars and you have refused acceptance without qualification. I demand that you endorse on your Return of Service that you have refused to accept a lawful payment in the amount of ..xxx.. Rand/dollars, and rejected without qualification my payment.

25)    The sheriff is not entitled to refuse a payment because he is an agent – make him aware of it. In other words, explain to him that he is an agent operating as an intermediary and he is bound by the rules of the Court and the rules pertaining to Sheriffs.

26)    He must, as an agent, receive a lawful form of payment. Further explain him that he is not acting according to his mandate.

27)    Demand a copy of the Sheriff’s Return of Service.

28)    The Sheriff may NOT proceed with any attachments on your property OR even writing up any items, because:
a)    You have tendered lawful payment  -AND –
b)    He has issued you with a Return of Service – OR –
c)    He has refused payment and needs to file a Return of Service to the bank that states what transpired.

29)    If the Sheriff insists on entering and attaching your property, ask him to leave or you will call the police.

30)    NOTE: Sheriffs have been widely known to call “their own police” who are usually police acting outside their mandate, paid for by the Sheriff. Should this occur, you must call the police yourself. It is also highly recommended that you have friends on speed dial who can show up to support you and act as witnesses. You must get names and ID numbers of all police who you encounter.

31)    Remember that this is a CIVIL matter between the Bank and you – it is NOT a CRIMINAL matter – so the police may not assist the Sheriff in entering your home.

32)    The Police are there to maintain the PEACE – so if the Sheriff wants to enter your property by force, the police should protect you.

33)    The Sheriff needs to present different documents that rely on proof of a criminal offense to get assistance from the police. Stand your ground on this issue.

34)    Inform him that he has exceeded his mandate and he is now trespassing.

35)    Ask the police to arrest the Sheriff for unlawful entry and trespassing, after you have warned him, and ask them to charge him with intent to remove your property without cause.

36)    An additional charge may be: an attempt to extort money from you without legal invoice. This is the “all total” that the sheriff gave you earlier, without an official invoice. Nobody can demand payment without an invoice.

37)    There may also be a possible case of fraud against the Sheriff and the lawyers and the bank, who gave him the “all total.” Because the total will most likely not be accurate – the common practice by the lawyers is to inflate these amounts without adding it up accurately.  Put simply, if they feel you are ready to pay, the lawyers may inflate the amount, in belief that you are willing to settle. This is another reason why you should record the conversation.

38)    The Sheriff may be guilty of refusing lawful payment; extorting money without an invoice and inflating the amount payable.

See generic Promissory Note below. Please adapt it with your details – create your own sequence of serial numbers for each consecutive note; print out a few blank notes; and keep them in a safe place with easy access. This Promissory Note is suitable for South Africa and other countries where the existing money no longer states “I promise to pay the bearer.”

We suggest that in the UK and other countries, where it still states as such, the promissory note may not need the Terms & Conditions of payment, but be a pure “promissory note”.  The state will claim that their notes are underwritten by the treasury and therefore have value – which is not really true. Because the state depends on the goodwill of the people to have “trust” in the state currency, which is an empty promise to pay, since the currency is not supported by any precious metals.

The people, on the other hand, may claim that their Promissory Notes are underwritten by the One People’s Public Trust 1776, of which every living breathing human being is automatically a beneficiary and therefore can use the TRUST to underwrite their own promissory notes. The OPPT was established on 10 September 2012, by its own Declaration and Order, lodged with UCC office in Washington, DC, under filing number 2012096074 and is a bona fide TRUST of the people of the planet.

Without Prejudice – Non Assumpsit – All Rights Reserved

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Benjamin Fulford : 23rd April 2013 : FULL : Boston and Waco Bombings were Government Staged events : One more Major False Flag event is planned : be prepared :


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A member of the Japanese Yakuza was contacted by members of the cabal last week and told to inform the White Dragon Society that “after Kennedy and Bush would come Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and one other.” Since the Boston terror psy-ops included a bombing of the Kennedy Library and the missile attack in Texas took place close to the Bush ranch, the warning seems to be a hint that some major attacks linked to these two other presidents and “one other,” were planned for the near future.

Somebody has also placed a $1 billion bet on a major US stock market plunge this week in what may be a sign of foreknowledge of further major terrorist events, according to an MI5 source.

There is also evidence of a huge information war between two major factions in the US over the bombing attacks in Texas and Boston. The Department of Homeland Security (SS) Sabbatean mafia faction staged the Boston attack in an attempt to create a psychological atmosphere favourable to martial law, while the opposition inside the agencies clearly tried to sabotage this attack and make it clear to all this was government staged.

In contrast to this increasing infighting and negative news in the US, there has been very good news coming out of Asia last week. A White Dragon Society representative returned from Beijing where talks with Chinese military leaders made it clear China was not going to be fooled into war by any Sabbatean (Israeli) false flag attack in the area. In addition, on the subject of North Korea

it has been confirmed that talks with the South on reunification of the Korean peninsula are proceeding well. Furthermore, concrete moves are afoot for the normalization of relations between Japan and North Korea. The Pentagon has also given the green light for reunification of the Korean peninsula.

There is a lot we have been asked not to report at this time in order to prevent sabotage of the negotiations by Sabbatean agents. However, it will be major news when it does come out.

The Chinese military also said that even if they were forced to engage in military activity, they would not attempt anything big with their navy. Their navy is still so untested that during recent sea trials of their new aircraft carrier, most of sailors got seasick, on admiral offered as an example of their unpreparedness. If truly forced into war, they would use their overwhelming superiority in numbers on land, possibly in the Korean peninsula, the sources said. However, given the ongoing push for peace in the region, this was an extremely remote possibility.

The cabal attempts to ignite conflict in Korea and around the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands have failed miserably, they said. The only result is that Jean Cohen from the Hoche group, who was paying demonstrators in China 1200 yuan a day to stage anti-Japanese protests has been put on a blacklist.
Lord James Sassoon is also no longer welcome in Japan for having incited and financed anti-Chinese psy-ops using Japanese puppets.

Also, in a move related to efforts for peace, a major campaign is being waged against Goldman Sachs and their flunkies in South Korea, according to an executive at a Japanese securities company. This was taking place in the form of Korean bankers working under Goldman Sachs overlords diverting loans to their friends and associates, the executive said.

With Asia aiming for harmonious independence and Europe in a holding pattern of slowly sinking into financial quicksand, the focus of conflict is now in the US/Israeli Sabbatean nexus and their Middle Eastern proxies where it is clear a gigantic war for control is accelerating. The anti-Sabbatean forces in the Middle East are hoping to topple the Saudi regime in order to cut off the Sabbatean controlled oil money.

Also, the 180 nations BRICS alliance is busy creating an alternative to OPEC in order to liberate the global financial system from dependence on the Petro-dollar, Chinese government and CIA sources both say.

In the US, the cabal corporate propaganda machine was clearly dealt a vicious blow by the insider sabotage of the Boston bomb attack psychological warfare operation. In one example directly known to this writer, the MI6 operative “Alexander” called the Australian embassy in Tokyo one hour before the Boston attack and warned them it was coming in a call that must have been recorded as forensic evidence. There was also a press conference for the corporate media where it was to be announced that a single white male right-winger had been arrested for carrying out the attack, according to pentagon sources. However, when it became clear the scenario for this lone bomber had been leaked in advance, a last minute switch was made to “Chechens.”

In any case, so many people have torn holes into the “official” story that there is no need to repeat that here.

Rather, we need to realize the sabotage of the operation means very powerful groups within the intelligence/military community are now fighting against the cabal by sabotaging their psy-ops “events” like Sandy Hook and now Boston.

The sending of letters containing the poison Ricin to politicians including Obama, is eerily similar to the sending of anthrax letters after 911 and is probably also aimed at exposing the cabal by carrying out obvious acts like this.

In addition to this, we have seen the huge downplaying by the Sabbatean cabal corporate media of what was clearly a missile attack in Texas very close to the Bush ranch there. This may have been intended to take out a Bush military munitions dump, an MI5 source speculated.

There is clearly more in the works. The phone call I received immediately after the attacks warning about future attacks linked to Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton need to be taken seriously. The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was in Hong Kong when this warning was issued and relevant parties were warned of a possible attack against it. An earthquake in California is another possibility. Places associated with the Clintons include Georgetown University and Little Rock, Arkansas.

What remains to be seen though, is a pentagon move into the Washington D.C. cesspool of corruption. Clearly the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the Justice Department have been implicated in the Boston terror attack against the American people.

The pentagon and agency white hats say they have been waiting for the legal basis to make a move against the corrupt political establishment. However, with the US legal system under the control of bribed and corrupt people at the highest level, it is clear the terrorist Sabbatean mafia is only going to be removed by men with guns.

That may happen sooner rather than later. One US source said Obama was negotiating with the Saudi government for refugee status if he is ousted.


The Secret Worlds Of Gold parts 1;2& 3 :

I have not watched yet So please comments are open :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wgbpGF9kT0?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OEMBzbINBI?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZzlz8GlX-c?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Philippines : People of the Philippines : Do not get Vaccinated By Bill Gates Vaccines : DO NOT GET VACCINATED : Look what happens if you do

Vaccine deaths never get reported in the media

Thanks for TAp Blog Spot for this Article : here : for more world truths : http://the-tap.blogspot.com/

I’M CALLING THE ATTENTION OF ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT! This is the story… Last Monday in Brgy. San Agustin he was administer and vaccinated by the midwife named “Linda”. 


Linda injected one on the shoulder (anti-tetanus) and one on that leg (hepa B). 


But after the injection the blood running from that injected leg is not stopping until it turn out like that. 
Then yesterday evening the baby confined to the general hospital because he became pale,his shaking and don’t want to feed. 


And then today, he is confine in Heart of Jesus Hospital. 


In any hour he will be in COMA and will die… How pity he was!!! 


He is only a month old yesterday! 


But because of the irresponsibility of that government midwife that baby is suffering and die soon… That simple yet big issue of injecting and vaccination can cause death to baby when it give in improper way… So now I wanted to share this to the people of the Philippines especially to the city government of San Jose City… Please give justice to that little angel! You must have an action regarding to this incident!

  — with Marianne Hernaez YamsuanSan Jose’s Prettiest and Ethel Velasco at San Agustin, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.

TAP – In the rich world if a baby dies, it’s called cot death, or shaken baby syndrome.  Never is a vaccine blamed in any publication.
They might save one life from measles vaccination, but there will be 5000 autistic cases, and numerous deaths from the vaccinations.

Glenn Beck : Obama/Soetoro You have until Monday to come clean : A clear message to the killers in US Government : INTEL that will Blow the lid of all False Flag Operations : Time for the People to answer for their Gov’s: BUSTED

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiEpSggvZFU?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Here is a little of what he is talking about :

It is Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Breaking News April 18, 2013


by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

image source
UNITED States of America – It can now be reported that the two individuals shown in the photographs today released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are of Middle East origin and have been tied by FBI investigators to the NSA (National Security Agency), Israeli Mossad, Nazi German Hamburg “Becker cell” that also has links to 9/11 that we reported in last night’s intelligence briefing.

Note: TREASONOUS President Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro and his corrupt U.S. Attorney General, Bush-Clinton-Marc Rich Crime Family Syndicate stooge Eric Holder, is blocking the FBI from releasing the specifics of the two suspects racial composition and nation of origin.

Item: They are both Saudi Arabians with direct ties to Saudi Intelligence and the Israeli Mossad.

As reported last night, the two operatives took a Lufthansa jet to the Liechtenstein capital of Vaduz five hours after the Boston bombing.

They paid cash for the tickets and used Israeli passports to board the Lufthansa flight at Boston Logan Airport.

TREASONOUS National Security Agency
(NSA) headquarters

P.S. We can now divulge that the two operatives tied to the U.S. NSA and the Israeli Mossad were assassinated today on streets of the Liechtenstein capital while they were on their way to a bank in Liechtenstein to receive their commission for staging this act of treason against the American People.

Note: The assassination team was outsourced by the U.S. NSA and the Israeli Mossad to Blackwater mercenaries tied to British MI6.

U.S.-Israeli dual citizen TRAITOR Rahm Emanuel
an Israeli Mossad agent was Chief of Staff to
alleged President Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro 

photo Reuters/John Gress

P.P.S. At this hour we can reveal that Israel Mossad agent, weasel and foreign born Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been fingered by the Joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force (aka the Resistance) operating on American soil as the individual who helped coordinate the FALSE FLAG BLACK OP attack that murdered and injured American citizens in Boston, Massachusetts.

Then White House Chief of Staff
U.S.-Israeli dual citizen TRAITOR Rahm Emanuel
embraces Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu,
Jerusalem, May 26, 2010
photo by Ariel Jerozolimski

The filthy little tribalistic bit_h Emanuel has also been fingered as coordinating with Yahoo, Google and AT&T of Dallas, Texas in a massive espionage and hacking operation of not only French Consulates in the United States but average American patriotic citizens like Ambassador Leo Wanta, a noted Federal whistleblower and myself.

Irgun, the army of Rahm Emanuel’s father, is short for Irgun Zvai Leumi- “National Military Organization” in Hebrew, was a terrorist Zionist group that operated in Palestine, killing innocent Palestinians and British soldiers; blowing up buildings image source

Direct message to filthy TRAITOR and dual U.S.-Israeli Rahm Emanuel: Cease and desist now, punk!

My father won a Silver Star in WWII on Normandy Beach to liberate the People of Europe and defend the Constitution of the United States. You, punk, have now committed TREASON! You are a coward and TRAITOR of the highest order.

We will now work 24 hours a day to bring you to justice immediately.

P.P.P.S. Today in New York City IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde held a secret meeting with patriot U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. The meeting dealt with the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds aka the bilateral tax agreement between the U.S. Treasury, the IMF and Austrian banks.

Both Lagarde and Treasury Secretary Lew had a conference call with alleged U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro and told him directly that the comingling of Protocol funds by privately owned Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke must stop IMMEDIATELY!

Bernanke, in the last 48 hours, rewrote massive foreign currency derivatives using old derivatives tied to the TREASONOUS German Nazi Deutsche Bank as collateral.

What Bernanke has done is made the entire U.S. Treasury a counter party to the financial interests of Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, Mellon Bank of New York, and none other than JPMorgan Chase.

Lagarde told Obama directly liquidation of these derivatives must occur immediately and you must start following orders of your Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and quit consulting with check kiter and money launderer, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

In closing, stay tuned for future intelligence briefings in which we will detail the new ass backwards derivatives of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke.

Note: This screwball misfit Bernanke just wrote new derivatives in the worldwide financial markets using the old derivatives as collateral for the new derivatives.

TRANSLATION: 0 + 0 = 0

Finally, in our next intelligence briefing we will detail a new emerging scandal in the Obama Energy Department tied to natural gas giants Noble Energy and Chesapeake Energy and their manipulation of U.S. energy reports for the purpose of spiking prices of natural gas when natural gas supplies worldwide are still massive correlating to a real price of natural gas that should be 1.85 per cubic foot.

Crisis Actors : Yes they really exist : What exactly do they do : They even have famous ones : and very very bad ones too : Who is your favourite Bomb actor ?????

Well they do exist go here you can even apply for a job as a Crisis Actor:


Let’s look where exactly crisis actors have been used Just on Obama patch:

Here is what you get if you look it up  a wide selection of types and reasons :
Lets take a closer look then:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r33-NoYa6k?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Well nothing too wierd there huh:

I am terribly sorry for this as this gets embarrassing :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKWgCRBR5qE?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

But it gets worse: Gene Rosen Is notoriously the worse actor alive today : He should be jailed for his performances:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiPnalSLQm8?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

More embarassmment The Medical Examiner and forgets he is being filmed and makes planty of mistakes ,They are all worthy of jail, at a time of suposed  suspence and mystery.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShgdN8arHCc?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Now here is a busy girl with 3 actors jobs, see if you can spot them ?





Crisis actors no blood


We will let you decide if this girl was blown up in Boston and all that blood geez!!! Her face is pure horror of course:



Bur here we save the best  to last:

Here is undoubtedly the best Crisis Actor on the Planet :

Chemtrails with Al Gore

Solar Revolution : Rupert Sheldrake Amongst others : The Quantum Science of Your Human Cosmic Consciousness : Science and the way to go : Spirituality in 2 hours Full Documentary : MUST SEE:

WOW Long time no see such great cosmic movie with Consciousness

What a bonus and a nice lead up to SIRIUS : Out 22nd April very soon : Get it here :

Published on Apr 14, 2013

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Does the sun have the power to transform humankind? In SOLAR REVOLUTION, German renowned biophysicist, Dieter Broers, makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9ZeC5Qf6fQ?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Waco Texas Fertilizer Plant Blasts : First The Drill : Then Mainstream Media : Then some photo’s and film of Troops and Then the blasts : plus More sink Holes around US : Who is Doing Who ? Looks like the Cabal are shooting there own in Bush Territory :

Ok here we go again Waco, Texas. UPDATED MISSILE VIDEO : 5:00 Pm EST: 

Take a close look at this first : Missile incoming ?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDP8pRRsh1s?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Looks like a guided meteor as it is on fire as it comes down into the target.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2uFOUpIhzE?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Interesting to note that 18 & 19th April is the last time TV was on the road of Waco Texas and there was a large fire then too: Any way back to business:

First the Drill:

Courtesy of North Hills Hospital Maximum casualty drill


North Hills Hospital is proud to be hosting one of the largest emergency preparedness drills ever held in the state of Texas this week. We will be partnering with the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (NCTTRAC) and first responders from throughout North Texas to test our equipment and processes so that when a real disaster happens, we’re all ready to respond.

This drill is even timelier in the wake of the bombings at Monday’s Boston Marathon. Our prayers go out to the victims involved, and we are proud of the first responders – EMS, fire, police, race workers, and hospital staff – who so bravely cared for the injured.

If you live near North Hills Hospital, you will see a lot of activity in our parking lots over the next three days as the NCTTRAC sets up a mobile 140-bed hospital, along with dozens of ambulances, several AMBUS (multi-patient ambulances), and helicopters. This is only a drill and will simulate a hospital evacuation, something that might be necessary in the event of a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or prolonged power failure.

This hospital is only 81 miles from West, Texas where the fertilizer plant explosion occured and mass casualties have happened.

Here are some stunning videos and pictures :

Now for another perspective with those military and other anomoly in place and a missile suspected of causing the second massive blast:

Different perspectives of Waco Explosion

“Yesterday I filmed feds in emergency trucks here in Waco. Tonight I drove into restricted area at west TX explosion and found them. Vision at showmebby YouTube”  – TheShowmebby

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpwbVK9XZFE?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]

“A fertilizer plant has exploded near Waco, Texas. The explosion was so severe over ten nearby buildings have collapsed. People 5 miles away from the blast are reporting damage. We have reports that over 50 people have been killed and over 250 injured, although this in not confirmed.” – GlobalLeaks

Updated Look at this slowed down and take a good look a weapon came in for sure: DOWNLOAD THIS:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDP8pRRsh1s?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

“It’s clear that an object slammed into the Waco Fertilizer plant right before it exploded. Watch this incredible video of a father and son that were very close at the time the plant exploded. They are lucky to be alive! You will clearly see an object come from the left right before the explosion. I have a still frame that shows the object. I don’t know what this thing was but it was traveling so fast it only appears in one frame! – Project NSearch

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9S7yVbqcmg?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]

zidyboby –

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROrpKx3aIjA?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]

still frame waco

35020_613534082000702_1991136163_n (2)



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