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Alcyon Video : Strange Phenomena April 2013 : Earthquakes : Financial melting pot : UFO : Meteorites : Boston False Flag Bombing significance : Sink Hole phenomena : Strange HAARP global man made weather throughout the World: What are they planning NEXT MONTH?

Spanish and English Subtitles

Exceptionally made film highlighting much we have and have not already forgotten in April just passed:

Some incredible images and phenomena to seriously contemplate what the dark ones are up to:

Why is the Vatican selling themselves on the outside in new light  when we know the filthy dirt so deep on the inside?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq-2K38AWus?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]


THE EVENT 2013 : OK !! Cards on the Table : All we know about the event : UFO Videos : Will It Happen ? When Will it Happen ? What will Happen when it happens?


Letter To ITCCS – OPPT – Lightworkersxm : UCC Historically is a Jesuit Law : The basis of Maritime Law : The Vatican and Royal connections exposed : Time to find out what is International Common Law: What are they hiding by Law?


  1. Bassfreaksgirl

    I live in Canyondam California.. epicenter of hundreds of quakes and aftershocks in the past two weeks, also surrounded by ground cloud seeders and chemtrails….. past few months bright orbs flying around in the sky…. silent ones… only 30 people in this town…… lightworkers in trouble… beam us up!!!! 🙂

    • Something tells me your not joking either: The Orbs are interesting and sounds like you have light with you : How are the syslphe in the sky there : They normally are[ a clear indication of consciousness rising , I have plenty of links for you whould you not know what they are : Something suggests that you may do : Sending you love and light Please put Orbs & Sylphs in my search box if you would like more encouragement and links Namaste Dave

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