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Monsanto March 25th May 2013 : Mon ( My ) Santo ( Satan ) : Let this group of pictures tell the Story of My Satan (Monsanto) : Bill Gates has 500,000 shares : And now he is into Vaccines :

March against Monsanto, Please do you best to eliminate this pest.

girlies marchn

The satanic corporation is pure crime and is subliminally hidden in it’s name My Satan.

Now banned in France Poland Romania Hungary Now in Bolivia and Peru and many more follow suit

What does it mean ? It means Corn And Canola oil is toxic Genetecially Modified : It is in most foods you eat.


Part of Agenda 21 Depopulation program with Vaccination program and Codex Alimentarius To kill 6 billion people on Planet earth.

These Eugenics are the work of The New World Order,  Kissinger and his cronies.

Meet Mike

Get wise to what you are eating and what is part of the agenda to poisin you.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LICQCxq1FqU?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Remember they own the FDA and they have infiltrators with in Congress and they are all the top Chairmen of the Stainic organisation and they are not here for your good.

Let the pictures tell the story:

Gates with a Pie



How monsanto started

Judge mages

Michelle ObamaObama_view





Boycott monsanto

Monsanto owns Blackwatern

Yes You rememebr these nice men in BOSTON

People against MonSanto (My Satan)

Stupid GMO

Navdaya India_n


against monsanto


Letter To ITCCS – OPPT – Lightworkersxm : UCC Historically is a Jesuit Law : The basis of Maritime Law : The Vatican and Royal connections exposed : Time to find out what is International Common Law: What are they hiding by Law?


Bob Marley : How he was killed : How the system works : CIA Black Ops : Your tax you pay : CIA infiltrators delivers gift with a surprise at Bob Marley’s home :


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