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E-Clinic of Natural Self-Healing : What is happening at the E-Clinic This week ? : Various forms of Cancers : Ailments including Bodily Ascension Issues : and Life revitalization : Plus a new Facebook Site opening this weekend on E-Clinic

Here are just some of the things going on in the E-Clinic on Week 1 of opening:

Various forms of Cancers : Skin rashes : Liver and Bowel disorders : Brain Disorders : Teeth and Thyroid issues : Life regeneration : COPD and ALS and MS : Plus  Spiritual Acension Symptoms. 

Register here : For the E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing : 



Quote of the Week From a visitor at the E-Clinic :

So, with help from the E-Clinic, we found our next step in our role to bring about the complete healing of a person, a beloved son in our care.  This process has also brought us personally, parents, family and friends, a great healing.  Because we understand now the nature of living in service to others.  We understand now how to walk in spirit without being victims of circumstance or having to give away our own power as independent and beautiful human beings. 

A quote from Jeremy:  ”If we are alive, we can regenerate!”

Anonimity  requested.

The link to the new Facebook site will be found in the link to the E-Clinic Registration form.




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